Mandelson to return to Government

The biggest news so far in today’s Cabinet reshuffle (a good word for a pack of jokers!) is that Peter Mandelson is back. Unbelievable, but true. He is the new Business Secretary.

Despite having to resign twice before from the Cabinet (he was cleared of one of his alleged misdemeanours) and despite his previous antagonism towards Gordon Brown and despite New Labour’s already disastrous image with trust, EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson gets a free pass back to Government.

The BBC reports that “Former Home Secretary David Blunkett describes Peter Mandelson’s return as a “masterstroke”. But John McDonnell is extremely unhappy, telling the BBC it will “ruin” the reshuffle and “undermine” the credibility of the government.”

The Daily Mail reports John McDonnell saying he was ‘absolutely gobsmacked’. ‘The whole Labour movement will be utterly perplexed at what the Prime Minister’s motives are,’ he said. ‘This is an extraordinary step backwards into the worst elements of the Blair era, to reinstate possibly the most divisive figure in Labour’s recent history.’

What it shows me is more contempt by the Government for the British people to reappoint this unsuitable candidate.



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3 responses to “Mandelson to return to Government

  1. Gordon Brown has now, I believe, sunk as low as he can, this despicable little man, has brought in another like minded individual to save his party. It has nothing to do with the people of this country, our economy and so so, but everything to do with keeping this sorry government alive in the their vain hope that they will be re-elected.

  2. I keep thinking New Labour can’t sink any lower – then something else happens!

  3. You are right of course, because there are now suggestions that he will be bringing back David Blunkett, who himself left under a cloud.

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