Eco-Surveillance Agents To Scan Homes

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Essential surveillance kit for the new green police: the Energy Saving Partnership has taken out a patent on Heatseekers, thermo-imaging vehicles which, at full potential, have the capacity to identify 1,000 properties an hour, or 5,000 properties a night, that are leaking carbon.

“Once the property has been scanned, a dedicated team of energy advisers will visit householders to show them the thermal image scan of their homes,” says Inspector Knock-on-the-Door.

That’ll go down well after midnight.

This press release from Reading Borough Council states that the city will be adopting the thermal imaging technology.

We also learn that “The revolutionary technology will identify households that don’t have cavity wall and/or loft insulation and are subsequently ‘leaking’ heat.”

Why not just ASK the householder what insulation he has?

I guess it is more Big Brother to have ‘agents’ snooping around in vans as part of surveillance operations.

“The Heatseekers scheme,” we are told, “is being delivered by Reading Borough Council in conjunction with the Energy Saving Partnership, thanks to funding from the Government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) programme.

I’m all for reducing energy use where appropriate, but when I see things like “Carbon Emissions Reduction Target” I assume the worst. The ‘target’ culture has helped destroy the effectiveness and reputation of the police forces. I presume targets in education have a part to play in the rise of semi-literate school leavers.

I wonder what trail of destruction these targets will produce.


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