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Gordon Brown’s Downfall – The prequel

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Abortion

Hat-tip to Cranmer for reporting on the latest sick trick from the abortion industry.

I have already written several pieces attempting to convey the deliberate strategy of sexualising children and young people for purposes of social engineering and here is yet another scheme – made all the more sick by equating Christmas with nothing more than hedonism.

BPAS, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, is offering women a free ‘present’ this year which contains a morning-after (abortion) pill and condoms. Leaflets are also included: one to explain what the “options are in case the pill doesn’t work” and the other giving information on the BPAS telephone service.

One of the options if the pill doesn’t work is abortion and it just so happens that BPAS is “the leading provider of abortions in the UK”.

A media release from The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) asks:

“This makes us question whether [or] not this free give-away isn’t a thinly-disguised attempt by BPAS to drum up more abortion business in the new year.”

“It is certainly a despicable ploy which threatens unborn children, promotes promiscuity, undermines public health and insults the child-centred meaning of Christmas. The offensive sexual innuendo linked to Santa Claus is evidence of BPAS’s morally bankrupt status. We are also greatly concerned at the risk of abuse or accidental misuse entailed in keeping such a powerful hormonal drug at home. The morning-after pill is 50 times stronger than the equivalent daily birth control pill.”

“This style of promoting the morning-after pill will have an adverse effect on many young and vulnerable women. It will encourage men to see females as sex objects, who can be exploited without responsibility for the consequences. The morning-after pill’s promoters share in the abuse of women by misleading them about its potential effect, which, the manufacturers concede, may include causing an early abortion.”

As I have pointed out before, the Government relies on ‘advisors’ with vested interests in promoting illicit sex, including representatives from FPA (formerly the Family Planning Association) and Brook, whose ‘charities’ are dependent on people needing contraception and abortion ‘advice’ in order to exist.

As usual with these things, children can get anonymous access to these ‘services’ and thus further undermining parental authority.

It is sad to say, but some of the people advising the government should be tried for child abuse. The politicians who make policy from their ideas should never have been allowed to enter Parliament.

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The Jackboots Are On The Move

The "sieg heil" hand salute is purely coincidental but it marries the context.
The “sieg heil” hand salute is purely coincidental but it marries the context.
The yellow lightening strike on a red background would not look out of place
in 1930’s Germany, but this was Blackpool in 2006

The arrest of Tory MP, Damian Green, is making the headlines. None of us knows the full story yet and whether his alleged crime is indeed leaking ‘secrets’ – in this case, ones slightly embarrassing to the government, who must have been too ashamed to release the information themselves – or something very serious that justified the need for seven officers to arrest him and others to search his homes and offices.

Was it necessary for Mr Green to be held for nine hours as well as being fingerprinted and requiring to surrender a DNA sample before being released on bail, or is there something much more sinister going on as most commentators suggest. What did the Government know beforehand that they are keeping quiet about? If the police acted alone, how have they got the authority to behave in such a jackbooted way towards an elected Member of Parliament?

Craig Murray, Britain’s former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, is no stranger to what the Government machinery is capable of. He helped expose vicious human rights abuses by the US-funded regime of Islam Karimov and was relieved of his duties for doing so. Mustn’t jeopardise the geopolitical game of chess, old boy. Now be a good pawn and keep your mouth shut.

Fortunately, he didn’t

The rest of this article is The Jackboots Are On The Move by Mr Murray. I would only argue with him about amnesty for illegal immigrants.

by Craig Murray
November 28, 2008

The Conservative immigration spokesman, Damian Green, is not a figure ordinarily likely to elicit much sympathy from me – although Boris Johnson’s call for an amnesty for illegal immigrants was the most sensible suggestion on immigration for many years. But the arrest of Damian Green MP is a constitutional outrage that may finally motivate our supine parliament to stand up to this domineering executive.

When Tony Blair halted the process of law in the BAE corruption case over arms exports to Saudi Arabia, I commented that we had abandoned the principle that no man, however high, is above the law – a principle which we had chopped off Charles I’s head to entrench.

Charles I famously failed to arrest opposition MPs when he arrived at the House of Commons with his soldiers to be defied by the Speaker and find that, as he observed, “The birds have flown”. That attempt was critical in precipitating the country into civil war.

The good citizenry of London and Cambridge will not be grabbing their pikes and muskets today; but they should. The arrest of Damian Green for doing his job of opposing the executive is a step too far in rolling back centuries of democratic achievement. The pretext is the excessive desire of this government to keep all public information secret, and prevent the taxpayer from finding out what has been done in their name and at their expense. This is the most secretive, as well as the most authoritarian, government of the modern era.

I can comment with more authority than most in saying that civil servants now have a duty to leak: the official narrative is now so often far from the truth across the whole field of government, that if civil servants do not leak there can be no informed democratic debate. To arrest an opposition MP for finding out what is really happening is a grim, grim move.

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How political correctness in the police has perverted natural justice

Brief outline: PC Graham Cogman has been sacked and vilified for his beliefs and conscience. After receiving pro-homosexual material via email in 1995, PC Cogman sent his own giving his Biblical perspective and so was banned from sending internal emails.

After more encouragement was given for staff to embrace homosexuality, PC Cogman emailed colleagues with a link to a website offering support to people who are concerned about their sexuality and thus he was found guilty of non-compliance with a lawful order over use of the police computers and also failure to treat a colleague with politeness and tolerance.

‘Tolerance’ is so often a one-way street in Britain.

I was so appalled at the treatment of a police officer by his colleagues that I emailed the Chief Constable of Norfolk today.

Dear Chief Constable,

This email will also be published on my website and I hope to hear your views which will be added to my site.

I am contacting you about the sacking of PC Graham Cogman, who you will be well aware of, and hopefully offer some insight into the injustice done to your (ex-) colleague.

The people who promoted ‘Gay History Month’ (what did this have to do with the police anyway?) and other events, were allowed their say, but the man introducing colleagues to his interest in helping those struggling with their sexuality has been sacked.

That’s not equality. Maybe this was the website in question – “We respect the right of all individuals to choose their own destiny. NARTH is a professional, scientific organization that offers hope to those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality.”

Norfolk Police are therefore DISCRIMINATING against people who have unwanted sexual desires and want help.

I understand the mentality. I know it must be upsetting for some folk that there are people struggling with their sexuality and seeking help to remove themselves from the ‘gay’ clan.

It is a tribal thing, isn’t it? PC Cogman was deemed to have ‘dissed’ the tribe so had to be kicked about by homosexuals and by others groomed to be intolerant by diversity ‘training’.

Ironic, isn’t it?

It seems that some people under your command have no humanity when they would see somebody’s career ruined for this: for daring to favour his conscience above base instincts. How guilt and hate-ridden must those who complained feel to want a colleague sacked? What are they doing working for the police?

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Learmonth is reported to have said: “This officer’s behaviour fell well below what we expect of our people.”

Unless there is some aspect of the story that remains hidden, I would say that your Deputy could be prosecuted for slander.

Political correctness is ruining the police. The world’s finest have been so re-engineered by bad government that they turn on their own. I don’t mean the bent coppers (no pun intended), who deserve to be severely dealt with, but it seems to me that social engineering is causing serious divisions in the police and society as a whole on multiple issues. I would call it divide and rule.

There is no equality, just a hierarchy of ideologies.

The proof is everywhere and rarely more obvious than in the police forces today.

I am also a Christian and also not ‘homophobic’. Regardless of how people viewed his motives, PC Cogman loved his homosexual colleagues so much that he sacrificed his livelihood for them.

To view his actions differently, I believe, is dishonest. To try and score points for political correctness by sacking and vilifying him is cruel and shameless.

I hope you will see this case beyond the politics. Police officers should be capable and mature enough to debate in a civilised way with their fellows and not be scared of speaking about a particular thing in case they are treated like criminals as I believe the PC Cogman has been.

If police forces are to regain their trust with the public, they must stop esteeming certain groups more than others.

Do you propose that I and the millions of others who share PC Cogman’s views should also be treated like criminals if we actually say what we believe to be true?

And how many real criminals have failed to be apprehended because of the man hours (or years) wasted on issues like this?

It does not matter what colour, creed or sexual orientation a criminal is. He (or she) is a criminal, period, and the job of the police is to deal with the aspect of criminal behaviour, not be the implementer of government social engineering policies.

Not that long ago, homosexual behaviour was a criminal offence, but after years of ‘equality’ and ‘celebrating diversity,’ our society is more unequal and the only diversity allowed is what the state deems permissible.

The police really should not be part of the process. You should be valuing and upholding morality, not seeing it as a negative attribute in your officers. No wonder we read every day about cases of miscarriage of justice, where the innocent are incarcerated and the criminals snigger as they walk free, metaphorically sticking two fingers up to you, me and the rest of society. I hope you can see how ridiculous it has become.

Natural justice brought about by people of good standing are what our police and judiciary require. I beg that you change the direction of your force by reinstating Graham Cogman and encouraging honour and integrity among your staff by kicking out political correctness.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Yours sincerely,

Stewart Cowan


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Government pays for 10,000 more tasers

The Times headline is “Jacqui Smith’s Taser plan suffers blow after Met Police Authority’s rejection,” which sounds the ticket, but the other forces across England and Wales are expected to take delivery of their share.

The Metropolitan Police do not want more tasers in case the fear generated causes divisions between the public and police.

I am against wider use of taser weapons because they are suspected of causing over three hundred deaths in the USA and our police forces in the UK have become subjects of government manipulation beyond what is acceptable by any reasonable person’s standards.

There are videos on YouTube which show the horrors of what a taser can do in the hands of a stupid or sadistic cop.

Perhaps the ‘authorities’ are privately forecasting a major depression, rather than a mere recession which Alistair Darling reckons will be easing off by the end of 2009. The police might need these tasers to keep the public in line if we are forced to revolt.

You better order some more, Jacqui Smith, just to be sure your police state keeps on track. If you did not belong to a government of traitors and band of thieves, Home Secretary, you would bring back proper policing and sentencing instead.

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Has Labour’s treason extended to bankrupting the country?

I do not often comment on the economy and fiscal matters, instead tending to concentrate on moral issues, treasonous politicians and the rising police state among other matters, but things are looking dodgy, economically, so here goes.

After Chancellor Alistair Darling’s pre-Budget report, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne today declared that Britain was on the verge of bankruptcy and that we were sitting on a “huge unexploded tax bombshell” and heading towards a £1 trillion national debt.

The Government is allegedly trying to shore up the economy with a reduction in VAT from 17½% to 15% (the lowest rate our EU masters allow) which means a 2.17% price discount if retailers pass on the saving, but most food is zero-rated and the Chancellor is raising tobacco and alcohol duties to offset the cut in VAT. This ‘initiative’ will obviously not reduce rents, mortgages or Council Tax.

Perhaps the best hope is that pound shops will turn into 98p shops, but only until the end of next year when VAT returns to 17½%, by which time Darling expects a “recovery to be underway”.

Analysis from the advisory firm Deloitte calculated that the lower rate would knock just 53p off a typical £50 shopping basket, because most food items do not attract VAT. Daniel Lyons, Indirect Tax Partner at Deloitte, said: “It is difficult to see how this measure is going to encourage increased spending when the amount of money being saved by the consumer is likely to be so small.”

From 2010, the wealthiest 1% of earners will pay 45% income tax over £150,000 and National Insurance contributions will rise a percent, split between employer and employee and will adversely affect those on over £20,000 a year.

This extra tax revenue is a pittance compared to the government borrowing forecast: more than £400 billion over the next five years. According to The Times, ‘the total stock of accumulated Government debt will peak at 57 per cent of GDP in 2013/14. Under Mr Brown’s old rules, debt was supposed to remain below 40 per cent’.

Despite the global recession, a lot of blame lies with Blair and Brown because the attitude of “no more boom or bust” is not only arrogant but irresponsible. There have always been lean times and always will be. Joseph saved the Egyptians from ruin by planning seven years in advance. New Labour have had over eleven years and what have they got but a limp-wristed attempt to knock 2% off some of our shopping items and the borrowing of hundreds of billions of pounds.

If Joseph had tried this con in Egypt, I can imagine his reward: a pair of concrete shoes and a short shaduf ride into the Nile.

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Abortion, Equality and the Trouble with Humanism

Labour MEP for London, Mrs Mary Honeyball, is at it again. She continues to spit on the ‘democratic process’ which her party loves superficially (while doing the opposite), by condemning her own government’s refusal to change the abortion law in Northern Ireland after Secretary of State Shaun Woodward insisted the Government will not move to extend abortion laws.

The majority of people in the province and all four main political parties and all main religious denominations are against abortion in their country, but a handful of Westminster MPs, none representing Ulster, think their views should take precedence.

Of course, they reduce the killing of innocent unborn human beings into a fight for presumed ‘equal rights’ on both sides of the Irish Sea. 200,000 abortions a year are carried out in Britain, so they think it is only right that people in the whole of the UK should have access to the carnage.

Mrs Honeyball spouts newspeak again when she says, “It is terrible that women in Northern Ireland do not have the same access to reproductive healthcare, and therefore the same freedom over their bodies, as women in the rest of the UK.”

As usual with this lady, there is no mention of the fathers, or their rights, or the unborn children’s right to the most basic thing of all: life itself. Mrs Honeyball is interested in women’s rights, not human rights, equity, fairness or justice.

There are only a few MPs who are truly possessed enough to fight for more death in N. Ireland, as if there has not been more than enough already as we all know. The Belfast telegraph reports:

“London MP Diane Abbott, however, has pledged to continue to fight for reform by tabling a private member’s bill after the Government killed off her amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. This pledge has already angered political parties and pro-life activists here who have branded it “laughable” and “desperate gesture politics”.

“Last month, Bernie Smyth from Precious Life said: “Diane Abbott is still arrogantly ignoring the clear pro-life message from our politicians, church leaders, and our people. “My message to Diane Abbot is butt out of Northern Ireland and stop interfering in our protection of our unborn children,” she added.”

If these people think that increased access to abortion is helpful to humanity, they just need to look across the North Channel, where the The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) is setting up Scotland’s first private clinic specialising in “late-term” abortions because the NHS cannot cope with the hundreds of requests for what has become a particularly gruesome form of contraception.

Here is a picture of a baby aborted at 22 weeks. A woman’s choice? Equality? Quality of life versus value of life? Or murder, plain and simple?

With all this abortion around and 80,000 children in care, you would think that all the people waiting to adopt would be given a fair chance, but most come up against a brick wall of bizarre bureaucracy that shames our country further.

Humanism can NEVER provide a framework for ethics because people left to their own devices and imaginations and who have their own ‘comfort zones’ set their own agenda. To demonstrate how confused humanists are, here are the views on abortion from the British Humanist Association:

“Humanists value life and value happiness and personal choice, and many actively campaigned for legalised abortion in the 1960s.”

“Because humanists take happiness and suffering into consideration, they are usually more concerned with the quality of life than the right to life, if the two come into conflict.”

They say they do not believe in God, yet they will play god with other people’s lives.

“However, abortion is not the best way of avoiding unwanted children, and improved sex education, easily available contraception, and better education and opportunities for young women, can all help to reduce the number of abortions.”

The evidence shows that the opposite is true: more sex education, starting earlier, leads to more sex and more abortion and disease, more despair and dysfunctional youngsters.

They even pose the question, “Can infanticide ever be right?”

One of their initial comments is, “So in thinking about abortion a humanist would consider … the rights and wishes of everyone involved, trying to find the kindest course of action or the one that would do the least harm.”

And of course killing causes the most harm, so why don’t humanists/atheists admit this? Is it because they are confused by the culture of ‘rights,’ ‘diversity’ and ‘choice’?

It is because humanism cannot provide the answers, however earnestly adherents search.

Despite the fact that they are in the minority, many humanists want religion banned – the BHA wants “school assemblies without religious worship” and laughingly, “freedom of belief and respect for the non-religious.” One day they might see that evolution is a religion as a leading anti-creationist admitted.

Unfortunately, there seem to be many more humanists than Christians on active duty for their religion. I believe that their confusion over right and wrong and their evangelical passion for trying to replace Christian beliefs with their own is one of the greatest threats we face today, and the humanists will also suffer!

The last word goes to the Psalmist, which is not reproduced here just to upset ‘humanists’. From Psalm 139:

13 For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.

14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

16 Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.


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Land grabs possible to site travellers, but is it another Government social engineering experiment?

I can think of fewer things more likely to upset Daily Mail readers than gipsies and travelling folk getting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money spent on them.

In this case, due to the scale and possible land grabs, they may have a point.

The controversial £97 million plan is expected to produce 7,500 extra pitches all over England. If enough land cannot be found, then compulsory purchase has been threatened as an option.

Epping Forest District Council says that “In many cases, experience has shown that the travelling community is often keen to buy land,” which makes me extra-suspicious of these plans.

The Council also suggests that “Owners of land wishing to pursue new housing estates could be required to build an element of traveller provision in same way as with affordable housing now,” then comes the threat of compulsory purchase.

Is there something more sinister going on that the travellers should be aware of?

I remember being told by someone who had lived in Jordan about the Bedouin-type people there being domesticated by being forced to settle into proper houses to enable the ‘authorities’ to know where all their people were located and to make it easier to collect taxes.

Some of these wandering folk could not adapt and lived in their tents in the garden.

It looks to me like a similar situation is planned for travellers in Britain whereby the ‘authorities’ can keep tags on them more easily and get their children settled and into the ‘education’ system to train them to be good little sheeple.

How can they be persuaded to surrender their biometric data in order to be issued with ID cards unless they have been prepared to some degree to accept the ‘system’ that seeks to control us all?

One of the great conditioning tools of our age is ‘divide and rule’ and you just have to read many of the comments left on newspaper websites to see how all this stirs up resentment and even hatred of our fellow beings.

The powers-that-be must love it. They create the conditions for strife in the community and while the people try and sort out their grievances at local level, the government gets on with planning more of the same.


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Labour MP rapped for his ‘rude’ blog

The Labour MP for Newport West, Paul Flynn, has had some of his communications allowance taken away after refusing to remove comments from his blog that make fun of other MPs.

I contributed to his blog for a short time in the summer and was also spoken down to and ridiculed; a good example being the first comment on my ‘endorsements‘ page.

After my very first post on his blog, he obviously searched the internet for more information about me for some reason and found my MySpace page. He replied with, “I did not recognise your name Stewart Cowan but I have found your hate-filled website.”

He did not like me stating the facts that the global elite are members of Freemasonry and other secret societies and participate in occult ceremonies at Bohemian Grove and that the 2004 U.S. election was between George W. Bush and John Kerry – both members of Skull and Bones – a Luciferian cult that admits just fifteen members per year.

As I told him, “I don’t hate anyone. My religion forbids it anyway. You politicians are the ones who hate and have engineered a society of fear and suspicion.”

I’ll be honest, Mr Flynn and I didn’t really hit it off. Another of his remarks to me on a different subject was, “The comparison with Rowan Williams refers to your brain power. All parties supported the successful smoking ban. Blogging at 3.00 am. Time you had some sleep.”

He manages to insult my intelligence, criticise the time I choose to blog and then orders me to bed!

Things degenerated further. He started removing posts (from many contributors who didn’t agree with him) and even edited some. He ridiculed me then refused my right of reply by banning me altogether. I signed in again under one of my nicknames to try and clear my name and he banned me again.

Anyway, enough about me. Here is a selection of Paul Flynn’s views on Gordon Brown’s first cabinet:

  • Jack Straw. Wily self-preservationist. His ‘low cunning’ would have secured him a job in the Governments of the Vatican, the Kremlin or Mao Tse Tung. As fascinating as a solved crossword puzzle, as tedious as a repeated joke.
  • Des Browne. Has interesting heron nest hair a droning hypnotic delivery plus an unfathomable gullibility. Possibly genuinely believe that NATO will win in Helmand.
  • Geoff Hoon. Good mind infected at an early stage with a eurodrivel virus.
  • Hazel Blears. Birdlike motor mouth of the Blairist catechism.
  • Peter Hain. Successful frontline politico and shapeshifter for 40 years. Deftly straddled left and right camps – painfully did the splits between the two in deputy poll. Ambitiously strives to be uninteresting and universally acceptable by hiding his talents.
  • Jacqui Smith. Barely adequate nervy junior minister.
  • Shaun Woodward: Expresses his socialism by limiting the number of his butlers to two.
  • Tessa Jowell. Weepily clinging on the rim of Olympic political volcano that can blow anytime. Angst-wrecked Blairite, ultimately doomed.
  • James Purnell. Refreshing, open, breezily optimistic. Shows regular glimpses of brain activity. Wasted on dullards task of sport.
  • Beverley Hughes: Aimiable and acceptable face of Brownism.
  • John Denham. Skilfully choreographed his return to office by acting a backbench Government groupie and nark.
  • Mark Mullock Brown. An exciting inspired Brown coup. Will start Labour’s self-absolution of Iraq war guilt.

There is a titter or three in there, along with his usual typos, but I think it says more about Paul Flynn than anyone else.

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GPs focusing on patients who bring in bonuses

A report by the Civitas thinktank accuses GPs of playing the system to attract maximum benefits at the expense of treating patients properly in a number of areas including depression and osteoarthritis.

The graphic from the Daily Mail, below, is revealing. Notice that bonuses are paid out for ‘monitoring.’ ‘tests,’ ‘measuring,’ ‘reviewing’ and ‘recording’. Part of the agenda of shepherding and keeping tabs on the public or genuine concern?

Now I understand why I have had my blood pressure taken so often in recent years, which has been normal since I stopped drinking alcohol over a decade ago, when previously it used to be high.

You would hope that compassion was offered as standard; basic humanity overriding the temptation to shoo away a difficult patient quickly in order to take more blood pressure readings.

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) has become a ‘game’ to secure maximum points, according to Civitas, and in this case, points mean prizes: lots of cash. Since this system of bonuses was introduced, general practitioners have seen their salary rise to over £100,000.

Civitas argues that “there are many reasons why high quality care for patients, particularly the elderly with complex medical conditions, may not fit well with what is mandated by the framework. This opens it up to abuse.”

In one survey, 75.9 per cent of nurses said they felt the QOF was undermining the patient-focus of the NHS. I know I do not seek a doctor unless I need to and a big part of this is due to my lack of confidence that I will receive a compassionate never mind competent examination.

We have clearly seen that the ‘target’ culture does not benefit society. Since it was introduced into police forces, easy targets are picked off and the difficult and more serious ones often put on the back burner. The same seems to be the case here. While healthy people are being poked and prodded, there are fewer resources to help the sick. Similarly, in today’s police forces, brownie points are awarded for performance and so crimes are invented that law-abiding citizens can be arrested, DNA taken and the ‘crime’ solved while some real criminals, who would otherwise have been apprehended with the freed-up resources, still roam free.

Civitas finishes by saying, ‘Do we really want GPs to be a set of what the cultural critic Raymond Tallis has termed “sessional functionaries robotically following guidelines” or do we want professionals able to work for their patients?’

We want the latter of course, not just with doctors, but teachers, police officers, judges, politicians and journalists, but we seem to settle for the robots because stepping outside the PC box and into normality can lead to repercussions in this crazy world.

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