Land grabs possible to site travellers, but is it another Government social engineering experiment?

I can think of fewer things more likely to upset Daily Mail readers than gipsies and travelling folk getting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money spent on them.

In this case, due to the scale and possible land grabs, they may have a point.

The controversial £97 million plan is expected to produce 7,500 extra pitches all over England. If enough land cannot be found, then compulsory purchase has been threatened as an option.

Epping Forest District Council says that “In many cases, experience has shown that the travelling community is often keen to buy land,” which makes me extra-suspicious of these plans.

The Council also suggests that “Owners of land wishing to pursue new housing estates could be required to build an element of traveller provision in same way as with affordable housing now,” then comes the threat of compulsory purchase.

Is there something more sinister going on that the travellers should be aware of?

I remember being told by someone who had lived in Jordan about the Bedouin-type people there being domesticated by being forced to settle into proper houses to enable the ‘authorities’ to know where all their people were located and to make it easier to collect taxes.

Some of these wandering folk could not adapt and lived in their tents in the garden.

It looks to me like a similar situation is planned for travellers in Britain whereby the ‘authorities’ can keep tags on them more easily and get their children settled and into the ‘education’ system to train them to be good little sheeple.

How can they be persuaded to surrender their biometric data in order to be issued with ID cards unless they have been prepared to some degree to accept the ‘system’ that seeks to control us all?

One of the great conditioning tools of our age is ‘divide and rule’ and you just have to read many of the comments left on newspaper websites to see how all this stirs up resentment and even hatred of our fellow beings.

The powers-that-be must love it. They create the conditions for strife in the community and while the people try and sort out their grievances at local level, the government gets on with planning more of the same.



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3 responses to “Land grabs possible to site travellers, but is it another Government social engineering experiment?

  1. Histrel

    While I feel that everyone has certain rights to live how they choose I also believe that if a section of society is avoiding the ‘norms’ like id cards etc then that is unfair. If you wish to reside in a country and earn your living there then you need to take on the same sanctions or whatever as all the other residents.

  2. It is yet another move towards our Big Brother Britain state. By all accounts, they are going to include vagrants as well, by allowing them to provide a particular park bench as an address. The police state obsessed government needs to be kicked out and soon. I just wish the opposition parties were as vocal as many of the public are, that way we would also know where they stood.

  3. Thanks for that info UK Voter. It looks like everybody is going to have to be accounted for in this control grid – except illegal immigrants who live in towns yet buy incredibly large quantities of fertiliser, presumably?

    The official opposition parties would not slow the process very much, if at all, as the New World Order that the planet’s leaders are calling for will crush all freedom.

    Even if, by a miracle, this doesn’t happen, we are still in the EU anyhow.

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