Government pays for 10,000 more tasers

The Times headline is “Jacqui Smith’s Taser plan suffers blow after Met Police Authority’s rejection,” which sounds the ticket, but the other forces across England and Wales are expected to take delivery of their share.

The Metropolitan Police do not want more tasers in case the fear generated causes divisions between the public and police.

I am against wider use of taser weapons because they are suspected of causing over three hundred deaths in the USA and our police forces in the UK have become subjects of government manipulation beyond what is acceptable by any reasonable person’s standards.

There are videos on YouTube which show the horrors of what a taser can do in the hands of a stupid or sadistic cop.

Perhaps the ‘authorities’ are privately forecasting a major depression, rather than a mere recession which Alistair Darling reckons will be easing off by the end of 2009. The police might need these tasers to keep the public in line if we are forced to revolt.

You better order some more, Jacqui Smith, just to be sure your police state keeps on track. If you did not belong to a government of traitors and band of thieves, Home Secretary, you would bring back proper policing and sentencing instead.


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One response to “Government pays for 10,000 more tasers

  1. I think you are right. Timing is everything and I strongly suspect that the government is planning for some civil unrest. It truly says something when the government feels the need to use such potentially lethal weapons against its own citizens.

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