The Jackboots Are On The Move

The "sieg heil" hand salute is purely coincidental but it marries the context.
The “sieg heil” hand salute is purely coincidental but it marries the context.
The yellow lightening strike on a red background would not look out of place
in 1930’s Germany, but this was Blackpool in 2006

The arrest of Tory MP, Damian Green, is making the headlines. None of us knows the full story yet and whether his alleged crime is indeed leaking ‘secrets’ – in this case, ones slightly embarrassing to the government, who must have been too ashamed to release the information themselves – or something very serious that justified the need for seven officers to arrest him and others to search his homes and offices.

Was it necessary for Mr Green to be held for nine hours as well as being fingerprinted and requiring to surrender a DNA sample before being released on bail, or is there something much more sinister going on as most commentators suggest. What did the Government know beforehand that they are keeping quiet about? If the police acted alone, how have they got the authority to behave in such a jackbooted way towards an elected Member of Parliament?

Craig Murray, Britain’s former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, is no stranger to what the Government machinery is capable of. He helped expose vicious human rights abuses by the US-funded regime of Islam Karimov and was relieved of his duties for doing so. Mustn’t jeopardise the geopolitical game of chess, old boy. Now be a good pawn and keep your mouth shut.

Fortunately, he didn’t

The rest of this article is The Jackboots Are On The Move by Mr Murray. I would only argue with him about amnesty for illegal immigrants.

by Craig Murray
November 28, 2008

The Conservative immigration spokesman, Damian Green, is not a figure ordinarily likely to elicit much sympathy from me – although Boris Johnson’s call for an amnesty for illegal immigrants was the most sensible suggestion on immigration for many years. But the arrest of Damian Green MP is a constitutional outrage that may finally motivate our supine parliament to stand up to this domineering executive.

When Tony Blair halted the process of law in the BAE corruption case over arms exports to Saudi Arabia, I commented that we had abandoned the principle that no man, however high, is above the law – a principle which we had chopped off Charles I’s head to entrench.

Charles I famously failed to arrest opposition MPs when he arrived at the House of Commons with his soldiers to be defied by the Speaker and find that, as he observed, “The birds have flown”. That attempt was critical in precipitating the country into civil war.

The good citizenry of London and Cambridge will not be grabbing their pikes and muskets today; but they should. The arrest of Damian Green for doing his job of opposing the executive is a step too far in rolling back centuries of democratic achievement. The pretext is the excessive desire of this government to keep all public information secret, and prevent the taxpayer from finding out what has been done in their name and at their expense. This is the most secretive, as well as the most authoritarian, government of the modern era.

I can comment with more authority than most in saying that civil servants now have a duty to leak: the official narrative is now so often far from the truth across the whole field of government, that if civil servants do not leak there can be no informed democratic debate. To arrest an opposition MP for finding out what is really happening is a grim, grim move.


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  1. .
    If Labour and the Tories would just be sensible and honest about immigration policies and problems, then non-racist Brits simply concerned with Britain would not be driven to the only party concerned about immigration problems, the BNP; most of whose members are NOT ‘fascists’ or ‘racists’.

    Gordon Brown is clearly a fascist wannabe, and it would be even worse for Boris Johnson to have been privy to this. Hopefully most people will hear about this.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    arrest innocent MPs

    for just doing their jobs
    exposing failed policies

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    be a violent leftist

    attack conservatives’ homes
    you brown-shirt NAZI FASCISTS

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe thinks
    Marx was NOT an idiot

    keep believing and HOPING
    that communism WILL WORK

    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
    Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
    Help Halt Terrorism Today!


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