Too busy to write

Like Leg-iron, I was too busy to look for official idiocy yesterday.

There is always so much going on in this crazy world that doing the research often leaves me with no time to write about it, especially as I have to stop reading once in a while and pace up and down while holding my head in my hands.

My accountant has been in this week and I feel guilty if he is working and my mind is elsewhere.

December is usually a rough month for sales, but business is better than usual. At the moment I am saying, what credit crunch?

Famous last words, probably.

I should at least have joined in the fun of the PM’s gaffe where he said “we not only saved the world,” instead of “saved the banks,” but you’ve probably all seen the video by now.

It wasn’t that exciting to be honest.



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3 responses to “Too busy to write

  1. Reversepsychology

    I’m pretty unsure as to why you post out here in the middle of nowhere as it were, instead of opting for “Blogger”, which seems to attract the genuine numbers in regards to opposing the odious New labour.

    I myself, only happened upon your musings through seeing your link in the comments section of Leg Iron, and always wonder why everybody opposed to this governments vile regime, seem so damned fragmented.

    Therefore It’s not that hard to see how occurrences like This were allowed to take root and fester under the guise of a public charity, and from the heart of central government.

    There was a time, not so long ago, when I passed Common Purpose off as another Conspiracy theory. However the more I look the more I realise, there is more than a little truth attached to this particular thesis.

    And of course the E.U. itself, never seemed more corrupt than it does on this day.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Reversepsychology.

    I stopped using my Blogger blog and started with WordPress because I saw Tom Harris’s and thought it looked nice and clean.

    My real website,, gets hundreds of hits a day vs this one with a matter of dozens. My not-so-cunning plan is to have comments enabled on my other site, which means spending money, hence my reluctance.

    I have recently been exposed to Stop Common Purpose and investigating this more fully is definitely on my ‘to do’ list.

    I have already found that much so-called ‘charity’ work is done to undermine society. There are so many involved in community cohesion – yet there seems more distrust than ever before. There are so many ‘charities’ and government ‘initiatives’ involved in trying to reduce teen pregnancy and STDs – yet the situation gets worse and surprise, surprise, there is more business and money to be made by Brook and FPA who just happen to help make policy.

    There is corruption and conspiracy just about everywhere you look – it’s bound to happen when the idea of self above service has the upper hand – but thanks to the internet, we can find it and talk about it and expose it – but ending it is a different matter.

    Do you have any ideas for a more united front that is not the BNP and that everyone in this ragtag movement can live with?

  3. Reversepsychology

    The B.N.P. have hitched onto this subject, hence where-ever you go their numbers exist, and theres little you can do about it.

    And that of course infuriates This Bloke who himself, has now been labeled a rampant fascist by the minions and cretins of New Labour.

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