Can I have a consonant please, Carol?

Carol Vorderman picked up her final consonant today after 26 years of co-hosting Countdown.

The credit crunch must have hit Channel Four some time ago, as her departure has been known about for months because she was offended by the manner in which she was asked to accept a ninety percent pay cut.

Carol’s opinion of New
Labour or her C4 bosses?

I was still a teenager when Countdown became the first programme broadcast on C4 and I watched the show until the start of 2005 when I cancelled my TV Licence direct debit due to the BBC airing the blasphemous Jerry Springer, the Opera after tens of thousands of requests not to. This persuaded me not to give the dumbed-down, offensive Guardianistas at the BBC another penny piece.

It meant no more Countdown, but it is a price worth paying to know that I don’t pay the wages of Jonathan Ross or the people in the news propaganda department.

Countdown began just a few months after the Milk Snatcher had fought off the Argies to get back the Falkland Islands (and not forgetting South Georgia).

This made her popular again and she won the following year’s General Election.

The Christmas number one in 1982 was Save Your Love by Renee & Renato, but there were much better Number One singles that year, including two by the Jam (A Town Called Malice/Precious and Beat Surrender), the theme song from ‘Rocky III’, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and I Don’t Wanna Dance from Eddie Grant.

I digress. Thank you Carol and Richard and everyone who tried to make Countdown to be always innocent and always kind.

Thanks for the good times.



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2 responses to “Can I have a consonant please, Carol?

  1. Wow. How does anyone who was into the Jam end up as the kind of person to object to Jerry Springer the Opera? And, I am not sure that it was because of her “innocence” that Carol made Countdown so successful. Methinks it had more to do with her legs and curves than her wit and brains.

    You might enjoy this:

    How much simpler life used to be…..sigh

  2. I’m not sure why I can’t be a Christian and like the Jam as well.

    “Countdown” was mostly innocent, but yes, Carol was often very attractively attired. Lately, the odd time I have seen her on telly, she seems to have let her modesty fly away, but I remember her wearing modest, yet sensual clothes…. no wonder I could rarely get the conundrum.

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