“Gay rights” causing division again in the fight for tolerance!

It seems that after a couple of desperate decades of training the proles to be tolerant, there is very little tolerance left.

Lillian Ladele is back in the news. “Threatening to fire a Christian registrar who asked to be exempt from registering homosexual civil partnerships was not an act of discrimination by Islington Council, a court has decided.

“The ruling, published today by the Employment Appeal Tribunal, overturns a previous decision that found in favour of Miss Lillian Ladele.

“Miss Ladele intends to appeal today’s ruling to the Court of Appeal.”

Lillian Ladele: she was
shown no mercy

The Council could easily have allowed Lillian Ladele to continue registering only heterosexual couples as she had done for many years previously, but guess what? They have equality legislation which must be rigidly adhered to.

The fuss which was created unnecessarily led to Miss Ladele to be mistreated by her fellow workers (more of that tolerance, eh?).

On Miss Ladele ‘s refusal to work on same-sex partnerships, despite other registrars being willing and able to do the job, the employment appeal tribunal’s judgement states:

“The council were entitled to take the view that this would be inconsistent with their strong commitment to the principles of nondiscrimination and would send the wrong message to staff and service users.”

Are any people involved in this or just staff and ‘service users’? Most people have consciences and will not always do what they do not believe in.

Views from readers of Pink News are, as usual, mostly unforgiving. Well, she dissed the tribe, didn’t she? No mercy!

Here are some of the views expressed:

This is truly great news. I carry out training on sexual orientation issues within equality and diversity and the issue of religion vs sexual orientation often comes up. I always state that employees cannot be allowed to use religious belief as grounds for discriminating against someone because of their sexual orientation. The appeal tribunal’s ruling backs this up and is very welcome.

Comment by PlainJane — December 19, 2008 @ 16:03

If we turn that around and say – employees cannot be allowed to use sexual orientation as grounds for discriminating against someone because of their religious belief – is this not fair? Is this ‘equality’?

Why are homosexuals so keen to deny themselves the thrill that we heterosexuals are encourged to experience through ‘celebrating diversity’?

More comments:

It’s made even worse by the fact she wasn’t even born in the U.K

Comment by Andrew Quick — December 19, 2008 @ 17:35

Andrew Quick is slow to celebrate our various people groups.

She can now get a job at Primark where she will doubtless attempt to take them to an employment tribunal for making her sell mixed fibres.

Comment by Ivan — December 19, 2008 @ 22:47

One of the downsides of the internet is that people can show their ignorance. Ivan pretends he knows the ins and outs of Mosaic Law.

# This is a great shame, her rights have been trumped by the liberal fascists. Hopefully this will wake people up to fight for freedom even harder as the state onece again tightens its grip over us. Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc live on!

Comment by Simon Bellord — December 20, 2008 @ 4:33

Steady on there, Mr Bellord. You need re-educating, like the Glasgow firemen who refused to have anything to do with ‘Gay Pride’.

AdrianT, while agreeing with Lillian’s dismissal, at least shows grace and humanity by saying that it’s unfair to label Ms Ladele as ‘nasty’, ‘a bigot’ etc. and I have no reason to doubt she is sincere in her beliefs.

He quotes Thomas Paine: The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is Reason. I have never used any other, and I trust I never shall.

Comment by AdrianT — December 21, 2008 @ 0:01

Reason – now when will the ‘authorities’ start to promote this, I wonder?

The Christian Institute has a legal defence fund to help Christians who are being discriminated against. I give them money and I urge you to help them too if you are able and after prayerful consideration.



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3 responses to ““Gay rights” causing division again in the fight for tolerance!

  1. Chris

    Thankyou, finally a voice of reason in all this stupidity and put so much better than my own attempt. why does it allways seem that fringe groups or minorities go power mad.

  2. James Lambert

    What a delightful load of bollox you write Mr. Cowen.

    Some christian you are… one could be forgiven for thinking your hate rants are cut and pasted from Nuremberg rallies.

    You’re a thoughtfully distasteful chap, and an insult to humanity.

  3. A difference of opinion here between Chris and I and James Lambert.

    ‘Divide and rule’ is winning the day, isn’t it? Just what our ‘masters’ intended with the whole ‘gay rights’ thing. While we are fighting among ourselves, they get space to poop over each and every one of us.

    A question for Mr Lambert: do you think that people who gang up on somebody who is different from them, a woman to boot, who is ridiculed, humiliated and made to leave her job of nearly 20 years, are “thoughtfully distasteful” and “an insult to humanity”?

    At the same time, you could perhaps educate us as to why the right to behave differently (for want of a more realistic expression) sexually should trump everyone else.

    As for Hitler and co., you can see what I think of him and his social engineering followers in the UK.

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