EU Launches 1984-Style Crackdown On Light Bulbs

There is an interesting parellel with ‘1984’ – the LibLabCon instruction manual – which I shall reveal shortly, but when I read in yesterday’s Daily Mail that there was panic buying of 100 watt light bulbs, I hit the shops late in the day to try and stockpile one of my favourite inventions before the treacherous government allows the EU to deny me the right to buy them forever more.

I visited the large hardware shop in town – we are fortunate still to have one – and bought the last packet of ten 100 watt bulbs, although they hardly had any 40 or 60s either. The checkout girl said there had been no mass bulb-buying exercise and was surprised by the Mail’s article. She had also not heard that the compact fluorescent bulbs which they stock of course, and that we are now expected to fill our homes with, can be dangerous.

I wrote about the dangers three months ago. The report of the hazards of broken compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and cleanup concerns from The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is frightening. Mercury is toxic and can be extremely difficult to completely remove.

The similarity with ‘1984’ concerns the shortage of razor blades in the novel. Propaganda Matrix writer Paul Joseph Watson explains:

“A startling parallel can be drawn from George Orwell’s dystopian classic, 1984, in which a black market for sharp razor blades emerged after The Party ensured that shops only provided blunt ones to prevent the proles from slashing their wrists. Now the proles of 2009 Airstrip One are busy buying up the remaining stock of the traditional light bulb.

From the book,

Everyone kept asking you for razor blades. Actually he had two unused ones which he was hoarding up. There had been a famine of them for months past. At any given moment there was some necessary article which the Party shops were unable to supply. Sometimes it was buttons, sometimes it was darning wool, sometimes it was shoelaces; at present it was razor blades. You could only get hold of them, if at all, by scrounging more or less furtively on the ‘free’ market.

‘I wanted to ask you whether you’d got any razor blades,’ he said. ‘Not one!’ said Winston with a sort of guilty haste. ‘I’ve tried all over the place. They don’t exist any longer.’

“100 watt light bulbs will cease to exist on the open market in the UK within weeks and they will be followed by all incandescent light bulbs within three years as the genius of Thomas Edison 140 years ago that marked one of mankind’s greatest achievements is made obsolete by world government regulation.”

Watson is right. The Mail article shows how the world’s governments are following the same orders basically, by banning incandescent filament bulbs all over Europe and the English-speaking world, as well as South America.

In Britain we are being increasingly told what to do by people with no right to demand anything of us. They seek to change our beliefs, make us watch what we say and get us playing silly games to pretend it helps the planet. As if the distribution of billions of disposable mercury-filled glass tubes will be good for the planet. You’re busted!



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2 responses to “EU Launches 1984-Style Crackdown On Light Bulbs

  1. 1) Plenty of people still find the new bulbs too flickery, the light too hard to read by. I reckon the more keen on reading a child is, the more they are likely to have this problem. Are we going to alienate a generation from books?

    2) Personally I’d far rather use candles than the horrid new bulbs. How many fire deaths is this going to cause?

    3) The heat energy emitted by the old bulbs is not wasted. They are mainly used in winter when the heating is on. So with the new bulbs the heating thermostat goes off a bit later and the total energy consumption is the same.

    4) New bulb advocates claim that since coal fired power stations release mercury there will be a nett reduction because of the alleged power savings, but power station emissions are distributed in the atmosphere, while the bulbs will end up concentrated in landfills, causing huge toxic ground problems in the future.

    As far as I can see there are plenty of negatives in this new bulbs stuff, and no positives, except for special interests such as mercury miners and bureaucrats enjoying bossing people around.

  2. Thank you, Alan. Very good points.

    “Are we going to alienate a generation from books?”

    How our masters would love to return to the days where the only bibles were written in Latin and chained up in churches and Mr Carnegie had not opened all those libraries.

    I have been buying candles just in case. I think their use should be fairly safe if sense if observed. Mmm, probably will be a lot of accidents, then.

    Thought: Perhaps the heat from lightbulbs is what keeps some old people alive over winter??

    IMHO, the only reason for all this is a) taxation and b) intimidation and control.

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