The ‘wisdom’ of a New Labour prole

Warning: the distressing photo at the bottom of this article might open your eyes to the reality of abortion.

It is unsurprising that all Labour seem to be capable of in terms of political debate is to slag off anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s very easy these days. For example, if you think that foster children would be better off living in a normal family environment than with cohabitees (of any gender combination), then you can be labelled a homophobe. No discussion. Game over.

If you think that deporting people who came here illegally, preach hatred in order to stir up others to violence against us and cost us a fortune to keep, both when they are free (on benefits) and when in prison, then you are racist (even if the person is of the same ‘race’ as you).

Anyway, yesterday I designed this poster for a Labour supporter called “Andrew F” after his request on Tom Harris MP’s blog for a sign he could put up to promote Labour’s “progressive policies”.

After seeing my artwork, he said this on Tom’s blog:

Stewart – Well yes, the two million abortions is progressive actually. Allowing women control over what goes on inside their uterus is a liberal value. Thank you!

Can you see what he is doing? He is using soundbites, clichés and New Labourspeak – “progressive,” “allowing women control,” “liberal value”. He is not using his brain to make up his own mind – it has clearly been made up for him and so he feels comfortable to scoff at such an idea that human life is sacred.

I replied on Tom’s blog with a few comments, but he didn’t approve them. I don’t know why, but here they are:

Andrew F – you have the government you deserve.

The first family planning clinic was opened by Marie Stopes – a Nazi sympathiser and eugenicist who sent Hitler some of her poems and was otherwise also quite mentally unhinged.

First they came for the unborn, then they carried out fatal experiments on the military, then they came for the geriatrics and one day they will come for you, Andrew.

Learn about training the public to accept eugenics. The Government/UN/big corporation-backed environmental movement has blinded you into thinking ‘save the planet’ means it would be better if people DIED.

An unborn human being should not have the death sentenced imposed because the mother thinks she has a right not to have to be ‘inconvenienced’ by the fruit of her moral decisions.

And what about the father’s rights? We never hear about these, do we? No, because you, Andrew, like most people, have been breast-fed Feminism all your life. A particularly nasty tipple – ostensibly from the paps of women, but in fact from the evil brains of Nazi eugenicist types who hate humanity and all we are capable of achieving.

I suggest you read my comments above about the definition of “progressive”.

Andrew F left his most disturbing comment till last. After thanking him for helping me understand what a Labour supporter thinks ‘progressive’ means and hoping God has mercy on his soul for his attitude towards humanity, he replied:

Suffice to say that any God who thinks women should be forced to carry a life-threatening parasite for three quarters of a year can take his mercy and shove it where his sun doesn’t shine.

I don’t know how old this person is, but I suspect he is a fairly recent graduate of the British ‘education’ system, where he has been conditioned to be a mindless drone, where scoffing and mocking are cool and civility and debate are ‘passé’ .

Andrew F is a symptom of a truly sick society. One that is dying; perhaps almost dead. A country that is so far gone that it is ripe for a takeover by enemies, foreign or domestic.

To describe this poor unwanted child (below), aborted at 22 weeks, as a life-threatening parasite is shocking indeed. Anyone who thinks similarly should escape the clichés and newspeak that override their own cognitive functions and see the truth that God’s creation is not to be so mistreated and mocked.

It makes me wonder if the schools and media have even managed to suck the conscience out from the feeble among us.

Do you remember the group of MPs trying to force a change of law in Northern Ireland where abortion is still illegal? Despite opposition from all religions and all political parties in the province, Labour MP, Diane Abbott, and a small band of cohorts decided to make it their business to overrule the current law and ignore the wishes of most of the people.

Thankfully they failed, but abortion and its promotion are immensely important to New Labour, which is the reason some of them want very young primary school children to be brainwashed into believing that abortion is a good thing.

I cannot look at this picture for more than a second or two before the tears start welling up. I thank the Almighty God that I still have humanity and normal feelings.



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5 responses to “The ‘wisdom’ of a New Labour prole

  1. Andrew F

    That’s purely an emotive argument.Very few of the 2 million abortions occur at 22 weeks – and almost all that do have some kind of extenuating circumstances.

    It’s not a case of whether or not I would personally want a child aborted; that’s a personal decision, and a difficult one. It’s a case of deciding, 1. whether or not you think that an unborn fetus constitutes a human life; and 2. whether, in light of that, you think women should have dominion over what goes on inside their body.

    I struggle with abortion like everyone else: yet I don’t think an organism that cannot survive outside the womb is a human being. I think it is a potential human being, an organism that – given the write conditions – may one day become a person. The same is true of a sperm cell.

    With that in mind, the fetus, intellectually, is a parasite. It’s something feeding off a woman without her permission, threatening her life.

    You may very well have morak objections to her ending the life of that organism, but why oh why should women be involuntarily subservient to the moralism of white Christian men? Tell me that. You don’t like abortion, I don’t like abortion; but who the hell are we to tell women that they MUST carry a parsatical organism around in their womb for 9 months?

    And I’m ever so sorry for my cliches, but consider the following:

    Andrew F is a symptom of a truly sick society. One that is dying; perhaps almost dead. A country that is so far gone that it is ripe for a takeover by enemies, foreign or domestic.

    Consider that you took the vacuous, unseemly step of posting a mangled fetus in public. Consider that you reference ‘God’ in a political debate.

    If I’m channeling stereotypical liberalism, you are most certainly drawing on the most insipid, stereotypical, “I’m just going to call you evil” brand of social conservatism. Get back to your Daily Mail. I have evil books to read.

  2. Most abortions are under 22 weeks, but you described the whole nine months as involving a ‘life-threatening parasite’.

    How would you feel if your mother had ‘even’ taken a morning-after pill and snuffed out your life? Hypothetic question obviously. What about the six million people ‘legal’ abortion has denied a life to since 1970?

    And it is totally disingenuous to use the number of weeks as an excuse to kill the yet-to-be-born, because given the nurturing safe haven that a mother’s body is meant to provide her children, even the cells killed by an abortion pill would likely have produced a new life.

    Was I correct to assume you are young? Another clue you gave was saying this: “whether….you think women should have dominion over what goes on inside their body.”

    Like so many others, you are showing the level of mind-control you have been under. Scary, eh? It’s back to the Feminist mantras, invented by men, to foment a battle of the sexes, to attack family life for them to gain dominion over the whole of society by destabilising it.

    The traditional family unit was and should be the place for raising children. People got married and had children. Abortion wasn’t generally required until sex was made to seem more valuable than love, respect, honour and human life.

    “why oh why should women be involuntarily subservient to the moralism of white Christian men?”

    That’s more brainwashed nonsense. Haven’t you noticed that hardworking, law-abiding, white, heterosexual men are the new evil in society?

    Who taught you to believe this? Go on – think about it.

    “Consider that you took the vacuous, unseemly step of posting a mangled fetus in public.”

    It’s not only what you describe, it is the scene of a murder – a heinous crime that somehow manages to be legal in this society and that people like you will defend and think this is someone else’s ‘right’ to do this to another human being or even potential human being.

    “Consider that you reference ‘God’ in a political debate.”

    Here we go again; more conditioning. Let me tell you a little about Keir Hardie:

    “Keir Hardie was energised by an evangelical faith and values that stirred his passion for political life. Throughout he saw his faith and politics as one: ‘the impetus which drove me first of all into the Labour movement and the inspiration which carried me on in it, has been derived more from the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth than all other sources combined’ he once said.”

    He campaigned for votes for women and for the end of segregation in South Africa.

    He was a proper Labour man, not a ‘New’ Labourite who thinks killing the innocent is somebody’s right.

  3. fail

    You’re still basing your argument on mawkishness. Sorry, but you fail.

    Also, attacking New Labour for infringing on civil rights, then attacking women for exercising those rights is hypocritical. No matter what you personally think of abortion, it isn’t your choice, nor is it the choice of the government.

  4. ‘Fail’, “mawkishness” it is not. It is reality – abortion wipes real human beings from existence.

    Can you deny this simple, yet poignant fact?

  5. john barrett

    Good Call! Use a photo of a premature stillborn baby to try and turn people against abortion, That should work. Because most people are just too stupid to realize that a feotus is no where near as developed as that when it is terminated eh?

    If you have to resort to methods like that then you surely cannot have that much confidence in your cause.

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