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One response to “NEW BLOG UP AT LAST!

  1. Alan Sparrow

    Hi Stewart!
    It’s nice to know there are some people around like you who are still not succumbing to the current complacency coma virus so virulent right now! It was only a couple of weeks ago I began to look in depth at tasers; very belatedly. It’s odd, really.
    I had heard about them, of course, and thought they were just obviously nasty and gave a little jiggle, and that was it. (Yes, my assumption WAS ridiculous!)


    I live in Spain and the footage of the American 72 year old great-grandmother getting zapped for not signing a speeding ticket was released on Spanish TV. (By the way, DID it get coverage on British TV?)
    I never watch TV so I only got the news secon-hand from friends.
    But then I began to think perhaps I should search for the footage on the internet and judge for myself.
    I really could not believe how this patent EVIL had crept up on everyone! On the same evening I discovered the footage, I was up until dawn slamming messages onto all the YouTube taser footage I could find, as I have been ever since! I write as “RAVENBRIGHT”
    Then I realised the vast majority of the American comments were obscene, grotesque and sick, which I could hardly believe.
    I am also coming to the conclusion that intricate diatribes, however subtle and powerfully written, are completely lost on most people.
    I am now formulating short, sharp repetative attacks of very few catch-phrases which I can rapidly deploy at a moment’s notice all over the YouTube network where taser information is concerned.- Attacks which clearly associate tasers with Hitler, the Gestapo and the absolute mockery to all the Second World War dead. I also think attacking the PRIDE of America is particularly powerful.
    Yes, I subscribe to Alex Jones and listen to him every day. And yes, there have been times when I though he was totally hysterical. But now I realise with all the truly ghastly material he has amassed, it’s a wonder he has kept sane … AND has not been murdered!
    Not wanting to sound too esoterical (which I am, as a person, in fact) … I have been feeling something REALLY catastrophic has been coming for years. Of course, with just one eye only half open, anybody with any brain can see that anyway!
    Everything seems to be being set up, just one example: they WANT people to laugh at the so-called ‘swine-flu pandemic’ until they set-free the already planned really lethal ‘mutation’ as they will call it! Then they expect people to confess how ignorant they were and get them on their knees in queues, lining up for the poisonous vaccines! WHAT a nightmare! Then we have Alex Jones telling us the Bilderberg Group wants an 80% reduction in world population and it all starts to add up! There is also the distinct impression THEY know their time is short before the public wakes up en masse, as they take ever greater risks to realise their diabolical dreams and get in BEFORE that awakening, and truly trap us as slaves! The race is on!
    Please write and give me any tips and advice. I have only JUST discovered your site; very nicely put together I must say!
    All the best.
    Alan (Sparrow) … (A semi-retired teacher of English from London, nearly 40 years in Spain)

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