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Pond Life?

This is my first post for a couple of weeks; there have been some teething problems with my new business venture, but that’s to be expected.

I am considering starting a new blog so I can write on any subject that interests me on the day. I am getting a bit fed up concentrating on New Labour. It is pretty tedious and a bit depressing. The other mainstream parties need exposing too, especially on the run up to elections.

I also want to comment on other things like the pond life who murdered two soldiers in N. Ireland. They call themselves the ‘Real IRA’. They are like many people these days – a tiny band who think they know better than and speak for everyone else. Fortunately, most people know how to use words to try and convince. It is also much more effective. What to do but send in the big boys and make an example of these totally selfish parasites?

Perhaps a Creationist like me shouldn’t refer to fellow human beings as ‘pond life’, and they are fellow human beings, like it or not.

I’ve filed this under ‘Heroes and Cowards’. Guess which category you skulk among, ‘dissidents’?


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Red Faces

I have been unable to post anything this week due to a busy work schedule, which included sorting out my financial affairs in order to send a large chunk of my money to the Government by the end of the month to pay for abortions, wars (well, bombs and bullets, not sufficient protection for soldiers), sex-change operations, condoms and abortion pills for schoolchildren, faceless anti-British bureaucrats in Brussels, the promotion of homosexuality, bailing out the banks, politicians’ salaries and expenses and tasers as early birthday presents for the police.

Why am I complaining? If they let me keep the money, I would only waste it.

Fortunately, Leg-iron has summed up the past few days of our glorious leaders’ rule with this excellent article….

No wonder the Labour party favours red. It’s the colour of their faces.

Milkybar has managed to enrage half a continent in less time than it takes to pass out the white chocolate treats. He really should have stuck to waving toy guns and grinning with teeth that have never been tainted with chocolate. The Gorgon has had to send out Count Mandelson to smooth things over, but that left the Gorgon running things here.

Which meant that Mrs. Bucket ended up insisting on TV that there was to be a free vote while the Gorgon was calling a three line whip. When he found out he wasn’t allowed to whip opposition MPs, he called off the vote at the last minute. Then moaned that the opposition wouldn’t do as he said. The clue is in the name, Gorgon.

Peter Hain was caught with his hand in the till and ordered to apologise. That’s British justice these days; the more important you are, the lower the sentence.

MP Dawn Butler has a lovely little note signed by the Boss of America, Barack Obama, even though she can’t spell his name. He wrote it on House of Commons notepaper. Which was nice.

As for all that ‘thinking of the children’….

They’d better not believe Labour is going to get them into University.

The schools are run by Righteous who promote family and can’t see a problem with that. All those new specialist schools do well because they suck funds from other schools, so it’s no wonder children are turning to booze and drugs.

Labour: Tough on education, tough on the causes of education. What was that other slogan the Tiny Blur was so fond of? Oh yes, it was ‘Crime, crime , crime’.

Knife crime is at an all-time low, if you look at the charts upside-down as the Ripper has been doing all along. A month ago she said ‘Whoops, someone’s leaked figures showing knife crime is down’. Now, school kids wear stab vests to school because knife crime is, in fact, up by 18 per cent. Better check you have those charts the right way up before leaking them accidentally in future, Ripper.

In Scotland, the SNP justice minister has been called on to resign because he missed a summit on knife crime. In Westmonster, the Home Economics Secretary will be allowed to mumble an apology and carry on with no regard to real life, as usual. (He won’t resign. He’s a politician. They have no honour and no shame.)

The UK’s new growth industry, burglary, is showing above-inflation increases in productivity. The Ripper blames it on the government’s idiotic policies the police being hamstrung by quotas and political correctness and idiot bosses someone else. Fraud and forgery is doing so well it’ll soon be listed on the Stock Exchange. It’s certainly more profitable than the banks.

So what is all this? A late summary of 2008? No, it’s a selection of a few of the news stories over the last couple of days. Not even a week’s worth, and there are far too many to put into a single post as it is.

Anyone presiding over a company that had two or more humiliating reports in the press in the same month would be forced out of office at once. The Brown Gorgon presides over a government that has dozens of humiliating reports every day. He and his drones insist all is well and if there is anything wrong, it’s because there are still members of the public who haven’t been arrested yet.

Gorgon, here’s a suggestion, a line of wasted type because you’ve never listened to anyone and never will. Here it is anyway.

Try looking with the good eye for a while.

Well done, Leg-iron.


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Police taser 89-year-old in Llandudno

A confused elderly gentleman who walked out of his care home in north Wales on Saturday was reported to the police of having “absconded”.

The 89-year-old was found in a quiet street threatening to cut his own throat with a piece of glass.

It appears that, rather than try to calm down and comfort him, the decision was made by “specially trained officers” to shoot the old man with 50,000 volts.

Ten thousand tasers have been ordered for police forces across England and Wales.

People are going to die here as hundreds have in the USA.

As I reported in November, the Metropolitan Police do not want more tasers in case the fear generated causes divisions between the public and police.

I guess that is the whole point. Teach the proles to fear. If some officers do not have the ability to calm down an old man without tasering him and risk inducing a heart attack, how can we expect them to react appropriately to a group of protestors or even a domestic argument?

The old man’s nephew said his uncle “could recall the excruciating pain of the Taser and had said he had been very frightened.”

First, it was on-the-spot fines. Now, it is on-the-spot pain. Well done Jacqui Smith and New Labour.

Never mind; millions of people will still vote for you regardless of what you have in store for us. That is the beauty of your edukashun system – millions of people have been raised by the State to neither know nor care.

You are very sick people.

New Labour’s private army?

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More home PCs expected to be hacked into by the police

One of my favourite bloggers, Leg-iron, posted this today:

If someone sends you an Email with an attached virus designed to hack into your computer and send information to a remote computer, that’s illegal.

If someone breaks into your home and installs a keystroke logger into your keyboard, that’s illegal.

If someone parks outside your home and hacks in to your wireless network, that’s illegal.

Unless it’s the police doing it. Then it’s all okay.

Nothing to worry about. It’s regulated by RIPA so it’ll never be abused. Okay, you can laugh now. When you’ve finished, strengthen your firewall, replace your wireless network with a wired one and get a second USB keyboard – which you take from its hiding place, plug in and use instead of the one that’s permanently connected to your computer.

But we’re not a police state. Oooooh, no.

Posted by Leg-iron, 4th Jan, 2009

There are some interesting comments under the Times article. At the time of writing, there are 33, very few espousing the old chestnut, ‘if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear’.

I used to belong to this camp before people like Alex Jones woke me up. Now I know why it is so important for the ‘authorities’ to monitor us. It is rarely for the purpose of our safety, which most people seem to recognise at last, but rather to keep watch for dissent and ensure we are led like lambs to the slaughter into a new era of total state control.

The question which follows is: what happens to those who refuse to toe the line? There wouldn’t be any point in setting up this massive infrastructure to spy on the people if there were to be no price to pay for being caught.

But caught for what?

We have already seen such incidents as the student who was held for six days for downloading material for his studies into terrorist tactics: he had obtained a copy of the al-Qaida training manual from a US government website.

This incident may have been concocted to gauge the public’s reaction and/or to mentally prepare us for the idea that hacking into the public’s computers is vital to help fight the terrorists.

There is also the danger that if the ‘authorities’ really want you out of the way, they could plant incriminating evidence onto your hard drive.

It should certainly prove to be lot less messy than the treatment Dr David Kelly and Jean Charles de Menezes received, and once someone has been charged with possessing images of child pornography, who will care?

We have to stand up to these bullies – and that includes insisting that we leave the EU, because other police forces in Europe will be able to ask British police to hack into our computers and pass on whatever they find.

As Simon from Brentwood points out: ‘UK police will act as spies for foreign powers, spying on UK citizens’.

It makes me wonder, at what point will the Government finally be rounded up and tried for treason. Why are people afraid of them – they should be very afraid of us!

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Crime and punishment in this liberal la-la land

Teenager Mark Knight was found guilty of stealing £25,000 worth of lead from the roof of Rochester Cathedral, which he then sold on for a mere ninety pounds.

On 19th December he appeared before Maidstone Crown Court for a confiscation hearing.

Judge James O’Mahony settled for the sum of one pound. Yes, one hundred pennies; the price of a small bar of chocolate; a week’s pocket money for a five year-old.

Wright had already received a two year jail sentence before the confiscation hearing which saw his defence claim he was homeless and had never received any state benefits.

The court heard how Knight sold the lead to Medway Metals in his hometown of Strood, with ‘no questions asked’.

I got the impression that young Mark Wright was perhaps one of those fellows who has never managed to fit into society, even to the point of not being able to get himself to the benefits office.

Obviously, I don’t condone what he did, but I wondered why the newspaper article said nothing about punishment for the company who received the stolen goods, so I emailed Medway Metals, as follows:

Good afternoon,

I operate a news website – – which has no connection to the UK Labour Party.

I read in the Daily Mail online that you paid a teenager, Mark Knight, £90 for £25,000 worth of lead.

Your website states that you were established in 1999, so I find it strange that you would not have been pretty certain that the lead had been stolen; after all, who would sell such a large amount of lead for such a small price?

Perhaps I am missing something, but I would have thought that a genuine owner should have some idea to its value and that an honest scrap dealer would have paid a much fairer price.

Like I said, perhaps I am missing something and if so, I hope you will clarify the situation for me.

I also wondered if you will be helping the people at Rochester Cathedral to replace the stolen lead.

I just wanted to give you the opportunity to help me to understand the situation to the fullest as I wish to write about it this evening and do not want to misrepresent you.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

Stewart Cowan

That was six days ago and I am still awaiting a reply, so I think I can safely say they are not interested in defending themselves and that I am free to offer my opinions.

Perhaps they have all gone off to the Caribbean for the winter on their ill-gotten gains?

Imagine if anyone other than a scrap metal dealer had handled £25,000 worth of stolen goods, almost certainly knowingly. They would have been frogmarched off to the police station faster than you could say ‘Rochester Cathedral’.

Somehow, the Arthur Daley types always seem to get away with it.

The financial breakdown of the case seems to be as follows:

Mark Wright – pays £1.00.

Rochester Cathedral – lose £25,000 worth of lead.

The Taxpayer – pays around £50,000 to keep Mr Wright in prison for two years, plus extra money for police time and legal aid.

Medway Metals – increase the value of their stock by £24,910 net, which I hope the local tax office has noted.

So who pays the least – the thief.

Who pays the most – everyone else, except:

Arthur Daley, who makes a great big profit.

That’s justice in Britain, where two wrongs make a right and us taxpaying mugs can just shut up because the ‘authorities’ really are tough on people who leave their bins open six inches and on primary schoolchildren who are overheard calling someone ‘gay’ in the playground or who don’t have any fruit in their lunchboxes.

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