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Bryan Gould disowns New Labour

Hat tip to Tom Harris for pointing out Bryan Gould’s article, I disown this government, in the Guardian’s Comment is Free.

I remember Mr Gould, former Labour MP and member of the shadow cabinet, as a seemingly decent sort of bloke – far too decent for New Labour, as it transpires.

He returned to his native New Zealand in the mid-Nineties to work in a university, but disowns his former Party with these words.

The floor is all yours, Mr Gould…

Those, like me (and almost everyone I know in the Labour party), who have been critical over the years of New Labour and its record in government, might have expected that the passage of time would bring with it a kinder judgment. And in my case, in particular, it might have been thought that – 12,000 miles away in New Zealand – distance would lend enchantment.

How, then, to explain that the more we take the long view of the Blair and now the Brown government, the sharper seem the contours of its failures and betrayals? How is it that the features of its landscape that grow – as our perspective lengthens – in shocking, anger-making prominence are those shameful episodes at home and abroad which cumulatively are a complete denial of what a Labour government (or any British government) should have been about?

There have been of course many good and decent day-by-day achievements of this government. Across the whole range of political issues, I do not say that Britain did not do better under Labour than it would have done under most alternatives. But these achievements have been molehills, judged against the towering peaks scaled by New Labour in its rejection not only of Labour, but of any decent and civilised values.

The first – and for that reason perhaps most unexpected – contravention of civilised norms was the Iraq war. The damning judgment of that doomed enterprise has been repeatedly rehearsed, but to read the charge sheet again is still a shocking experience. A British prime minister, claiming the right to moral leadership and an almost religious duty to confront evil, sucked up to a soon-to-be discredited US president and helped to launch an invasion of a distant country – an invasion based upon a lie, and one that flew in the face of international law, undermined the United Nations, alienated the whole of the Muslim world, seemed to validate the claims of terrorists and those who recruited them, destroyed the country that was invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of its citizens, took many young soldiers to their unnecessary deaths, and rightly reduced Britain’s standing in the world.

The New Labour government still refuses to acknowledge that any of this was wrong. It will not even countenance an independent inquiry into how such a fatal mistake was made.

It may seem improbable that the scale of the Iraq calamity could be matched in any other area of government. Yet, as the reasons for and scale of the global recession become clear, it is also increasingly apparent that another global (as well as British) disaster can be laid – substantially, if only partly – at the door of the New Labour government.

It was, after all, that government which enthusiastically endorsed the virtues of the “free” market, which turned its back on the need for regulation, which celebrated the excesses of the City, which proclaimed that it was “intensely relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”. The government that should have protected the interests of ordinary people was dazzled by the super-rich; unsuspecting Labour supporters found themselves thrown on the tender mercies of a marketplace that was cleared of any limits that might have restricted the rich and powerful. There have been no more enthusiastic cheerleaders for the culture of greed and excess than New Labour ministers.

On the central issue of politics – the willingness of government to use its democratic legitimacy to intervene in the market in order to restrain its excesses – the New Labour government ensured that the dice lay where they fell and applauded as they did. It was Tony Blair who, standing shoulder to shoulder with Rupert Murdoch, proclaimed that the future lay with the “globalisers” and that those who wanted to reclaim some control over their lives were “isolationists, nationalists and nativists”. It was Gordon Brown who removed the major economic decisions from democratic control and handed them over to unaccountable bankers.

That betrayal of those who looked to a Labour government to help them has seen a rapid widening of inequality and a sharp intensification of social disintegration. It is the jobs, homes and lives of ordinary people that have borne the brunt. The country is a weaker and poorer place as a result.

But even that failure pales by comparison with the latest revelations about the abandonment by New Labour of any pretence to civilised standards. We now know that this government connived with the Bush administration to hold people illegally, to kidnap them in secret, and to torture them while in custody – all in the name of a war against the forces of darkness. The perpetrators of these outrages seem to believe that they can be washed clean by simply declaring their superior morality.

Nothing more clearly distinguishes those beyond the pale than their willingness to use the secret, illegal and cowardly infliction of pain to terrify, cow and bend to their will helpless people being held without charge or trial or legal redress. It beggars belief that any British government could, in a supposed democracy, do so, and not even bother to respond to its critics. It is simply incredible that a Labour government claiming to represent the values of the Labour movement could believe in these circumstances that it has any right to remain in office.

For me, this is too much. I am sick to the stomach. I disown this so-called Labour government. I protest.


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The Nation Speaks – Part III

A big thank you to Paddy Connaughton from Bolton who emailed me recently:

Hello Stewart,

The reason i’m writing this is the fact i have just stumbled upon your website. Thank God someone is out there telling the truth about this government and the state of our country. I have read some of your articles and have found that my wife and i agree with all of them.

After 22 years of working hard in the building industry, paying my taxes and trying to be a good citizen, I was made redundant in 2007, found two more jobs only to be laid off due to this economic depression. For all the talk by Gordon about public works and getting us back into work, i find nothing is being done. I now believe the government just don’t care about mine or anybody else’s situation.

I am beginning to think this is all a plan by the new fascist state of New Labour to keep the majority of manual workers on minimum wages. For too long these people have hacked into every aspect of our lives and eroded our freedoms of expression in order to control us. So thanks Stewart for having the guts to openly stand up to them, even with the threat of the the Police spying on you. I just wish the people of England could show a bit more of a backbone and publicly show their contempt for this government by openly defying them as the brave French and Icelandic people so often have.

Keep the faith, Paddy

Thank you for those kind words. I have to say though, that it doesn’t take much guts to stand against a government that has shown itself to be so completely reprobate. In my case, Labour’s failure to honour their manifesto promise to hold a referendum on Europe, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is now a matter of standing up for our country and our freedom or losing everything to the whore that sits in Brussels.

The way the government has betrayed the young people, especially, makes me sick. No, the time came when I realised I had nothing left to lose by speaking out and I wished I had started years ago, but better late than never. Hopefully.

I will keep the faith. There is no fear in love and there is no strength like God’s.

Feel free to email me with your own views. I only publish names after gaining the permission of the writer.

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New Poster Series – Part 2: Brown’s Betrayal is Labour’s Shame

I am grateful to a reader for emailing me about this poster. He says this is a really great leaflet to get round the houses in labour estates – also looks good for fly posting and notice boards or just left lying about where it will be picked up.

WANTED – More posters that advertise the truth about our scandalous, traitorous, seedy little band of terrorists that call themselves our Government!

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New Poster Series – Part 1: Dying to vote Labour?

Following a request from a Labour supporter for “something to get fired up about” for a sign, I designed this:

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Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe

National Review
By Bat Yeor
February 16, 2009

Does defending Western values constitute “inciting hatred”?

Britain has just witnessed the spectacle of a duly elected parliamentarian from another EU country, Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, being denied entry to the country because he constituted “a threat to public policy.” Wilders, after being detained briefly at Heathrow, was sent back to Holland — where he has further legal troubles. Three weeks earlier, a Dutch appeals court had ordered prosecutors to begin criminal proceedings against Wilders for “inciting hatred and discrimination” and “insulting Muslim worshippers” through his public statements and his 2008 film, Fitna. The order to proceed with the criminal prosecution resulted from pressure put on European states and on the UN Human Rights Council by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The OIC’s aim is to punish and suppress any alleged Islamophobia, around the world but particularly in Europe, and it has been a leader in creating the conditions that made the U.K.’s Wilders ban possible.

The OIC is one of the largest intergovernmental organizations in the world. It encompasses 56 Muslim states plus the Palestinian Authority. Spread over four continents, it claims to speak in the name of the ummah (the universal Muslim community), which numbers about 1.3 billion. The OIC’s mission is to unite all Muslims worldwide by rooting them in the Koran and the Sunnah — the core of traditional Islamic civilization and values. It aims at strengthening solidarity and cooperation among all its members, in order to protect the interests of Muslims everywhere and to galvanize the ummah into a unified body.

The OIC is a unique organization — one that has no equivalent in the world. It unites the religious, economic, military, and political strength of 56 states. By contrast, the European Union represents half as many states and is a secular body only, and the Vatican — which speaks for the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics — is devoid of any political power. Many Muslims in the West resist the OIC’s tutelage and oppose its efforts to supplant Western law with sharia. But the OIC’s resources are formidable.

The organization has numerous subsidiary institutions collaborating at the highest levels with international organizations in order to implement its political objectives worldwide. Its main working bodies are the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), which seeks to impose on the West the Islamic perception of history and civilization; the Observatory of Islamophobia, which puts pressure on Western governments and international bodies to adopt laws punishing “Islamophobia” and blasphemy; and the newly created Islamic International Court of Justice. As stated in its 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, the OIC is strictly tied to the principles of the Koran, the Sunnah, and the sharia. In a word, the OIC seeks to become the reincarnation of the Caliphate.

The OIC regularly reiterates its commitments to protecting the political, historical, religious, and human rights of Muslims in non-OIC states, especially Muslims who form the majority in specific regions of non-Muslim countries — such as the southern Philippines, southern Thailand, and western Thrace in Greece — as well as Muslims in places like the Balkans, the Caucasus, Myanmar, India, and China. The OIC supports Hamas and the Palestinians in their struggle to destroy Israel, as well as the Muslim fight for “legitimate self-determination” in “Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.” It has condemned the “continual Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan,” and it expresses its full solidarity with “the just cause of the Muslim Turkish people of Cyprus” and with Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, whom many hold responsible for encouraging the massacres in Darfur. The seat of the OIC is in Jeddah, but the organization regards that location as temporary: Its headquarters will be transferred to al-Kods (Islamized Jerusalem) when that city has been “liberated” from Israeli control.

In its efforts to defend the “true image” of Islam and combat its defamation, the organization has requested the UN and the Western countries to punish “Islamophobia” and blasphemy. Among the manifestations of Islamophobia, in the OIC’s view, are European opposition to illegal immigration, anti-terrorist measures, criticism of multiculturalism, and indeed any efforts to defend Western cultural and national identities. The OIC has massive funding from oil sources, which it lavishly spends on the Western media and academia and in countless “dialogues.” It influences Western policy, laws, and even textbooks through pressures brought by Muslim immigrants and by the Western nations’ own leftist parties. Hence, we have seen Kristallnacht-like incitements of hate and murder against European Jews and Israel conducted with impunity in the cities of Europe — where respect for human rights is supposed to be one of the highest values.

Geert Wilders is the latest victim of this enormous world machinery. His crime is maintaining that Europe’s civilization is rooted in the values of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and the Enlightenment — and not in Mecca, Baghdad, Andalusia, and al-Kods. He fights for Europe’s independence from the Caliphate and for its endangered freedoms. He had received serious death threats even before Fitna was released.

Many Muslims in the West support him, but Geert Wilders’s principal weapons are his courage and his willingness to resist even his own government, which is slowly submitting to the OIC’s pressures. Wilders’s enemies pretend that he is an insignificant personality who makes “provocative” statements only in search of fame. In fact, if his motivation were self-interest, he could do far better by courting the OIC’s favors — as so many Europeans are doing, consciously or unconsciously — rather than risking his freedom and indeed his life.

— Bat Yeor is the author of studies on the conditions of Jews and Christians in the context of the jihad ideology and the sharia law. Recent books include: Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, both from Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

From National Review

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The Nation Speaks – Part II

Paul Mullins searched for ‘treason’ and ‘Labour’ on Google. My site was ranked Number One.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been adding many articles lately. I will explain another time. Here is Paul Mullins’ email. Yes, it is very sensible!

Hi Stewart, I am emailing as a result of finding your website when I did a search for the words ‘treason’ and ‘Labour’ on google.

First let me say that I am sure thousands , probably millions of Britons share your, and may I say my views, that this labour government has done something that the Nazis, and the French failed to do in successive centuries, that is destroy this country. An act that can only be classed as treason, and should carry the penalty that befits such a crime.

Their selling out to Europe through the reform ‘treaty’, the broken promise of letting the people vote it out, Blair handing over power to Brown as if it were his right to ellect a successor, and now Labours (Browns) assertion that we are suffering as a result of the Global recession, and not their overspending, a half truth which shows the utter innability of the pondlife which now pervade the government to own up to any mistakes, failures or darn right lies which they have blinded the population with for over a decade.

I always believed that the extreme left in this country were happy to destroy Britain if they didn’t get their own way, ie extreme power, but having gotten it, I never believed they would use the guise of New Labour to carry out this treachery.

And lets face it, liberal is now the new socialsm, but with none of the truthfulness that cost socialism the mandate to govern for twenty years. the only thing that liberals want are votes, like the tories, but they are prepared increase the population of this country via the open Eupopean door policy, and try to convince people that there are jobs to be filled which migrant workers can do. Funny how they haven’t rethought this view now that unemployment is rising.

Well thats my rant, who am I?

I was a member of UKIP up till last year when I realised that it is as bad as the other parties in as much as all the leaders are from the upper classes, and have their own interests at heart, although they are against our domination by europe, and do a commendable job to expose that trechery, they have little interest in the ordinary man in the street, and are in the majority disaffected tories.

I believe there is a void in British politics which could be filled by a party which has the interests of the British people at heart. Those people who have lived here and worked here, not from some European edit which says they can, but because they want to make Britain great again. I also feel strongly that the MP’s who have caused the chaos which now live in should be held to account, and if it’s treason, then they should pay.

Put that to the population and see the reaction. Dump the PC, and Human rights garbage which makes people scared to speak out, and remove some of the draconian laws which are seriously threatening our freedom of speech. We are at risk of terrorism, but this has been brought about by this goverments policies, get rid of them, and I am sure that threat will be diminished. And if it’s not, deal with the threat appropriately, not by gagging the innocent.

I hope this comes across as sensible rather than a rant (my wife is exposed to those, so I refrain from them now!)

I look forward to hearing your views, while we can still speak freely!

Kind regards

Paul Mullins

Feel free to email me with your own views. I only publish names after gaining the permission of the writer.

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The Nation Speaks – Part I

Since starting this website almost a year ago, I have received many emails of encouragement and also messages of despair about the way our great land is being destroyed from within.

I received this email last week from Mr John MacDonald of Birmingham, who wanted to deliver his message to Gordon Brown. He said he doesn’t usually write letters and was unable to email the Prime Minister. I know some politicians have stumbled upon this site – from the raw data files and from personal contacts.

I don’t know if the PM has ever visited, but with his obvious inability to listen and empathise, I doubt if he does much surfing the ‘net.

If you do happen to read this, Mr Brown, here is what Mr MacDonald wants to tell you:

This crime against the British working classes. Namely the hiring of foreign labour to fill British jobs. Almost seems as if Gordon Brown is determined to stir up Civil Strife with this IDIOT Policy of actively allowing cheap labour in from abroad. Everything he does seems to be in favour of Big Business and against the British working people.

I’m a Pensioner and worked and lived through the THATCHER years. That was the worst period of my life. Now it looks like we’ve got a male Thatcher in Brown. The other Idiocy I must mention is this Governments worse than crazy Immigration policy. Policy? Joke! Get a grip Gordon. I was a Labour voter all my life, as was my dad before me. No More!

LABOUR’S GOING TO LOSE, Mr Brown. Your fault, you and New Labour’s.

Is there anyone anywhere capable of running this country for ALL of us and not just the monied classes? The Tory, as always isn’t to be trusted.

If I could afford it, I’d leave these shores and let you totally screw it up. You sure haven’t too far to go now.

John MacDonald

Watch out for the next installment.

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Red Faces

I have been unable to post anything this week due to a busy work schedule, which included sorting out my financial affairs in order to send a large chunk of my money to the Government by the end of the month to pay for abortions, wars (well, bombs and bullets, not sufficient protection for soldiers), sex-change operations, condoms and abortion pills for schoolchildren, faceless anti-British bureaucrats in Brussels, the promotion of homosexuality, bailing out the banks, politicians’ salaries and expenses and tasers as early birthday presents for the police.

Why am I complaining? If they let me keep the money, I would only waste it.

Fortunately, Leg-iron has summed up the past few days of our glorious leaders’ rule with this excellent article….

No wonder the Labour party favours red. It’s the colour of their faces.

Milkybar has managed to enrage half a continent in less time than it takes to pass out the white chocolate treats. He really should have stuck to waving toy guns and grinning with teeth that have never been tainted with chocolate. The Gorgon has had to send out Count Mandelson to smooth things over, but that left the Gorgon running things here.

Which meant that Mrs. Bucket ended up insisting on TV that there was to be a free vote while the Gorgon was calling a three line whip. When he found out he wasn’t allowed to whip opposition MPs, he called off the vote at the last minute. Then moaned that the opposition wouldn’t do as he said. The clue is in the name, Gorgon.

Peter Hain was caught with his hand in the till and ordered to apologise. That’s British justice these days; the more important you are, the lower the sentence.

MP Dawn Butler has a lovely little note signed by the Boss of America, Barack Obama, even though she can’t spell his name. He wrote it on House of Commons notepaper. Which was nice.

As for all that ‘thinking of the children’….

They’d better not believe Labour is going to get them into University.

The schools are run by Righteous who promote family and can’t see a problem with that. All those new specialist schools do well because they suck funds from other schools, so it’s no wonder children are turning to booze and drugs.

Labour: Tough on education, tough on the causes of education. What was that other slogan the Tiny Blur was so fond of? Oh yes, it was ‘Crime, crime , crime’.

Knife crime is at an all-time low, if you look at the charts upside-down as the Ripper has been doing all along. A month ago she said ‘Whoops, someone’s leaked figures showing knife crime is down’. Now, school kids wear stab vests to school because knife crime is, in fact, up by 18 per cent. Better check you have those charts the right way up before leaking them accidentally in future, Ripper.

In Scotland, the SNP justice minister has been called on to resign because he missed a summit on knife crime. In Westmonster, the Home Economics Secretary will be allowed to mumble an apology and carry on with no regard to real life, as usual. (He won’t resign. He’s a politician. They have no honour and no shame.)

The UK’s new growth industry, burglary, is showing above-inflation increases in productivity. The Ripper blames it on the government’s idiotic policies the police being hamstrung by quotas and political correctness and idiot bosses someone else. Fraud and forgery is doing so well it’ll soon be listed on the Stock Exchange. It’s certainly more profitable than the banks.

So what is all this? A late summary of 2008? No, it’s a selection of a few of the news stories over the last couple of days. Not even a week’s worth, and there are far too many to put into a single post as it is.

Anyone presiding over a company that had two or more humiliating reports in the press in the same month would be forced out of office at once. The Brown Gorgon presides over a government that has dozens of humiliating reports every day. He and his drones insist all is well and if there is anything wrong, it’s because there are still members of the public who haven’t been arrested yet.

Gorgon, here’s a suggestion, a line of wasted type because you’ve never listened to anyone and never will. Here it is anyway.

Try looking with the good eye for a while.

Well done, Leg-iron.


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Sycophants required for new Labour blog

New Labour has soft launched its new blog,, which is edited by Derek Draper.

Unlike ConservativeHome, which is independent of the Tory Party, this new Labour site is by the Labour Party machine and intended to be the place “Where Labour minded people come together.”

Yesterday, comments were unmoderated, although some vanished in time. I submitted an offer to write for them (in jest) as a guest blogger. This has, to date, remained on the site.

My reply to Northern Monkey, a regular contributor at LabourHome, was deleted (along with his comment).

Comment moderation has now been activated on a trial basis, so it remains to be seen if they are going to be ultra-picky in making sure that the Party is not ‘dissed’ (as it deserves to be).

It is hard to see how they can possibly expect to last if any fairly mild negative remark, like the one above, fails to be approved.

I tried many times to comment on stories on Labour’s main website, but my comments were removed, normally within a couple of hours. I didn’t swear, I made comments such as this with regard to Ken Livingstone “feeling great” while out on the street campaigning for the London Mayoral election last Spring.:

This comment was removed as was the following one, needless to say.

I see the craven cowards at New Labour are not now inviting comments on their ‘news’ stories.

You can say what you like about Tom Harris MP, but he is prepared to do what most of his scaredy-cat colleagues will not – invite and publish negative comments.

It has been suggested that Tom lost his position as Trains’ Minister because of his blog. I say he is better off out of a government of congenital liars and moral cripples.

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Labour’s new spoof website

The Labour Party registered a couple of new domain names today: and the dot com of the same.

Their purpose is to make a joke of the Tories’ economic policies, or lack of, and direct people to Labour’s official site.

This from the Party that has helped destroy the economy. Yeah, let’s all laugh at Cameron and forget about who has been in power for the past dozen years.

Good plan. If you’ve nothing positive to say or do, go on the offensive.

What crisis? The main item on Labour's homepage today

What crisis? The main item on Labour's homepage todayis to announce their new spoof Tory web conference.

Both the new site and the ‘proper’ Labour one have a quite hilarious* pretend ‘webcabinet‘ chat between Mr Cameron and his shadow cabinet colleagues.

Desperate stuff.


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