What they say about me. This is a new page, so I am searching for nice things people have said about me in the past. Here’s a few to get us going…

This blog strives to be a forum for thinking people. Your contributions might be suitable for the Daily Sport. It’s discouraging if my regular readers have to wade through low grade witless verbiage before they read the worthwhile contributions.

Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, on my comments left on his blog. Mr Flynn is fierce supporter of tobacco control, yet wants to legalise cannabis. He’s another one who doesn’t understand how much his Party has damaged this country and our freedom.

Just kindly p*ss off and go and join the BNP.

Northern Monkey on LabourHome.

Thank you Stewart Cowan. Your comment should be placed front and centre page on every newspaper and billboard, declared from every pulpit in the land.


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