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Bryan Gould disowns New Labour

Hat tip to Tom Harris for pointing out Bryan Gould’s article, I disown this government, in the Guardian’s Comment is Free.

I remember Mr Gould, former Labour MP and member of the shadow cabinet, as a seemingly decent sort of bloke – far too decent for New Labour, as it transpires.

He returned to his native New Zealand in the mid-Nineties to work in a university, but disowns his former Party with these words.

The floor is all yours, Mr Gould…

Those, like me (and almost everyone I know in the Labour party), who have been critical over the years of New Labour and its record in government, might have expected that the passage of time would bring with it a kinder judgment. And in my case, in particular, it might have been thought that – 12,000 miles away in New Zealand – distance would lend enchantment.

How, then, to explain that the more we take the long view of the Blair and now the Brown government, the sharper seem the contours of its failures and betrayals? How is it that the features of its landscape that grow – as our perspective lengthens – in shocking, anger-making prominence are those shameful episodes at home and abroad which cumulatively are a complete denial of what a Labour government (or any British government) should have been about?

There have been of course many good and decent day-by-day achievements of this government. Across the whole range of political issues, I do not say that Britain did not do better under Labour than it would have done under most alternatives. But these achievements have been molehills, judged against the towering peaks scaled by New Labour in its rejection not only of Labour, but of any decent and civilised values.

The first – and for that reason perhaps most unexpected – contravention of civilised norms was the Iraq war. The damning judgment of that doomed enterprise has been repeatedly rehearsed, but to read the charge sheet again is still a shocking experience. A British prime minister, claiming the right to moral leadership and an almost religious duty to confront evil, sucked up to a soon-to-be discredited US president and helped to launch an invasion of a distant country – an invasion based upon a lie, and one that flew in the face of international law, undermined the United Nations, alienated the whole of the Muslim world, seemed to validate the claims of terrorists and those who recruited them, destroyed the country that was invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of its citizens, took many young soldiers to their unnecessary deaths, and rightly reduced Britain’s standing in the world.

The New Labour government still refuses to acknowledge that any of this was wrong. It will not even countenance an independent inquiry into how such a fatal mistake was made.

It may seem improbable that the scale of the Iraq calamity could be matched in any other area of government. Yet, as the reasons for and scale of the global recession become clear, it is also increasingly apparent that another global (as well as British) disaster can be laid – substantially, if only partly – at the door of the New Labour government.

It was, after all, that government which enthusiastically endorsed the virtues of the “free” market, which turned its back on the need for regulation, which celebrated the excesses of the City, which proclaimed that it was “intensely relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”. The government that should have protected the interests of ordinary people was dazzled by the super-rich; unsuspecting Labour supporters found themselves thrown on the tender mercies of a marketplace that was cleared of any limits that might have restricted the rich and powerful. There have been no more enthusiastic cheerleaders for the culture of greed and excess than New Labour ministers.

On the central issue of politics – the willingness of government to use its democratic legitimacy to intervene in the market in order to restrain its excesses – the New Labour government ensured that the dice lay where they fell and applauded as they did. It was Tony Blair who, standing shoulder to shoulder with Rupert Murdoch, proclaimed that the future lay with the “globalisers” and that those who wanted to reclaim some control over their lives were “isolationists, nationalists and nativists”. It was Gordon Brown who removed the major economic decisions from democratic control and handed them over to unaccountable bankers.

That betrayal of those who looked to a Labour government to help them has seen a rapid widening of inequality and a sharp intensification of social disintegration. It is the jobs, homes and lives of ordinary people that have borne the brunt. The country is a weaker and poorer place as a result.

But even that failure pales by comparison with the latest revelations about the abandonment by New Labour of any pretence to civilised standards. We now know that this government connived with the Bush administration to hold people illegally, to kidnap them in secret, and to torture them while in custody – all in the name of a war against the forces of darkness. The perpetrators of these outrages seem to believe that they can be washed clean by simply declaring their superior morality.

Nothing more clearly distinguishes those beyond the pale than their willingness to use the secret, illegal and cowardly infliction of pain to terrify, cow and bend to their will helpless people being held without charge or trial or legal redress. It beggars belief that any British government could, in a supposed democracy, do so, and not even bother to respond to its critics. It is simply incredible that a Labour government claiming to represent the values of the Labour movement could believe in these circumstances that it has any right to remain in office.

For me, this is too much. I am sick to the stomach. I disown this so-called Labour government. I protest.


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The ‘wisdom’ of a New Labour prole

Warning: the distressing photo at the bottom of this article might open your eyes to the reality of abortion.

It is unsurprising that all Labour seem to be capable of in terms of political debate is to slag off anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s very easy these days. For example, if you think that foster children would be better off living in a normal family environment than with cohabitees (of any gender combination), then you can be labelled a homophobe. No discussion. Game over.

If you think that deporting people who came here illegally, preach hatred in order to stir up others to violence against us and cost us a fortune to keep, both when they are free (on benefits) and when in prison, then you are racist (even if the person is of the same ‘race’ as you).

Anyway, yesterday I designed this poster for a Labour supporter called “Andrew F” after his request on Tom Harris MP’s blog for a sign he could put up to promote Labour’s “progressive policies”.

After seeing my artwork, he said this on Tom’s blog:

Stewart – Well yes, the two million abortions is progressive actually. Allowing women control over what goes on inside their uterus is a liberal value. Thank you!

Can you see what he is doing? He is using soundbites, clichés and New Labourspeak – “progressive,” “allowing women control,” “liberal value”. He is not using his brain to make up his own mind – it has clearly been made up for him and so he feels comfortable to scoff at such an idea that human life is sacred.

I replied on Tom’s blog with a few comments, but he didn’t approve them. I don’t know why, but here they are:

Andrew F – you have the government you deserve.

The first family planning clinic was opened by Marie Stopes – a Nazi sympathiser and eugenicist who sent Hitler some of her poems and was otherwise also quite mentally unhinged.

First they came for the unborn, then they carried out fatal experiments on the military, then they came for the geriatrics and one day they will come for you, Andrew.

Learn about training the public to accept eugenics. The Government/UN/big corporation-backed environmental movement has blinded you into thinking ‘save the planet’ means it would be better if people DIED.

An unborn human being should not have the death sentenced imposed because the mother thinks she has a right not to have to be ‘inconvenienced’ by the fruit of her moral decisions.

And what about the father’s rights? We never hear about these, do we? No, because you, Andrew, like most people, have been breast-fed Feminism all your life. A particularly nasty tipple – ostensibly from the paps of women, but in fact from the evil brains of Nazi eugenicist types who hate humanity and all we are capable of achieving.

I suggest you read my comments above about the definition of “progressive”.

Andrew F left his most disturbing comment till last. After thanking him for helping me understand what a Labour supporter thinks ‘progressive’ means and hoping God has mercy on his soul for his attitude towards humanity, he replied:

Suffice to say that any God who thinks women should be forced to carry a life-threatening parasite for three quarters of a year can take his mercy and shove it where his sun doesn’t shine.

I don’t know how old this person is, but I suspect he is a fairly recent graduate of the British ‘education’ system, where he has been conditioned to be a mindless drone, where scoffing and mocking are cool and civility and debate are ‘passé’ .

Andrew F is a symptom of a truly sick society. One that is dying; perhaps almost dead. A country that is so far gone that it is ripe for a takeover by enemies, foreign or domestic.

To describe this poor unwanted child (below), aborted at 22 weeks, as a life-threatening parasite is shocking indeed. Anyone who thinks similarly should escape the clichés and newspeak that override their own cognitive functions and see the truth that God’s creation is not to be so mistreated and mocked.

It makes me wonder if the schools and media have even managed to suck the conscience out from the feeble among us.

Do you remember the group of MPs trying to force a change of law in Northern Ireland where abortion is still illegal? Despite opposition from all religions and all political parties in the province, Labour MP, Diane Abbott, and a small band of cohorts decided to make it their business to overrule the current law and ignore the wishes of most of the people.

Thankfully they failed, but abortion and its promotion are immensely important to New Labour, which is the reason some of them want very young primary school children to be brainwashed into believing that abortion is a good thing.

I cannot look at this picture for more than a second or two before the tears start welling up. I thank the Almighty God that I still have humanity and normal feelings.


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The threat from Islam is real

A couple of recent incidents made we want to write about the threat of Islam to our way of life. Tom Harris MP wrote in his blog Neither the Koran nor the Bible sit comfortably with western values, which had me having a go at him, a self-confessed Christian.

Unfortunately, Tom uses old media tricks (he used to be a journalist) like setting up straw men and here we see him criticising his own religion as a cushion against accusations of Islamophobia.

The first incident that has concerned me lately is the banning from the UK of Dutch MP, Geert Wilders. Mr Wilders has twice been invited to the House of Lords to screen his short film, Fitna.

The problem for the UK ‘authorities’ is that the film portrays Islam in a way that they do not want us proles to consider; that the “religion of peace” is not all it’s cracked up to be; that killing adulterers and homosexuals perhaps isn’t the road we want to travel; that female genital mutilation offends our sensitivities.

Wilders uses several quotes from the Koran to help get his message across in Fitna. I actually don’t give this any credence at all as I know how easy it is for non-Christians, and even many Christians, to misquote the Bible terribly.

Wilders also makes the mistake of not recognising Western influence in the creation of al Qaeda by portraying the 9/11 and Madrid attacks as works solely of Islam.

All that said, Wilders does give enough evidence, not that we need it, that the clash of cultures – Islam and what we know as Western culture – is likely to escalate into the societal equivalent of a mountain-raising tectonic plate collision.

That is as long as people in the West continue to be afraid of being branded racist/Islamophobic/hatemongers and submit to having their freedom and way of life robbed at Koran-point.

The BBC couldn’t get a Government minister to explain the situation to John Humphries on Radio 4’s Today, but he did manage to speak to Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne.

You can listen here to Mr Huhne telling John Humphries why he believes in freedom of speech, but only “up to the point where you become a threat to others – at that point society must step in.”

Not so ‘liberal’ after all. Typical modern British coward (Huhn (without the ‘e’) is German for ‘chicken’).

The other thing that has really annoyed me is the case of a foster mother with an unblemished record who was struck off the council’s register because a Muslim girl in her care became a Christian.

“A foster mother, who has looked after more than 80 children in the past ten years with an unblemished record, has been struck off the register because a Muslim girl in her care became Christian. The reasons given by her local council were that she failed in her duty to preserve the girl’s religion and to prevent the teenager from getting baptised, even though the girl was 16 and had made up her own mind to change religion. The woman has also been forced to move out of her home. She has lost the farmhouse she rented due to the loss of income from fostering.”

“The girl had been taken into care after being assaulted by a family member. She decided to be baptised because she saw it ‘as a washing away of the horrible things she had been through and a symbol of a new start’.

“Social services officials then advised the girl to reconsider her decision and urged her to stop attending Christian meetings, ruling last April that the girl should stay away from church for six months. (My emphasis)

“In November they struck the carer off their register, claiming she had breached her duty of care as a foster parent.”

What? Council employees seem time and time again to have been re-engineered to become traitorous, unholy cowards – so brainwashed by ‘diversity training’ that they would rather see good people destroyed than see sense.

It will serve us right if we become Dhimmis in our own country. The Islamists who desire to take over the whole world, especially the western world, must be laughing their heads off at the way we are playing right into their hands.

Tom Harris says that “I do know that the Muslims with whom I’m friendly seem to have no problem integrating with British society.” Maybe he means the MP in the neighbouring constituency or his local newsagent. What about the imams who preach death to Jews, Christians, Westerners generally? What about the people who call for the death of writers and cartoonists for the perceived crime of dissing Muhammad? What about those who take offence over every possible thing and in so doing make life almost intolerable for others?

Worst of all are the traitors in high places who are dismantling our civilisation and culling our freedoms by manipulating people’s differences.

It might seem that I am helping them here, but I am trying to avoid a conflagration with, hopefully, an honest appraisal of the danger we face if we lose the right to determine our own future, unmolested by others.

There are many other dangers, of course, like the EU, ‘human rights’ and political correctness generally, not forgetting GM food, humanism and many others things!

Let us not forget that mass immigration is just one of the methods that our masters are using to divide us and rule us. They are not interested in the ‘moderate’ Muslims that Tom Harris and the rest of us know. I certainly have no argument with them, but while an elected Dutch member of parliament is refused entry to the UK, thousands of radical Muslims have been allowed in to wreak havoc.

Just as planned.


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Sycophants required for new Labour blog

New Labour has soft launched its new blog, LabourList.org, which is edited by Derek Draper.

Unlike ConservativeHome, which is independent of the Tory Party, this new Labour site is by the Labour Party machine and intended to be the place “Where Labour minded people come together.”

Yesterday, comments were unmoderated, although some vanished in time. I submitted an offer to write for them (in jest) as a guest blogger. This has, to date, remained on the site.

My reply to Northern Monkey, a regular contributor at LabourHome, was deleted (along with his comment).

Comment moderation has now been activated on a trial basis, so it remains to be seen if they are going to be ultra-picky in making sure that the Party is not ‘dissed’ (as it deserves to be).

It is hard to see how they can possibly expect to last if any fairly mild negative remark, like the one above, fails to be approved.

I tried many times to comment on stories on Labour’s main website, but my comments were removed, normally within a couple of hours. I didn’t swear, I made comments such as this with regard to Ken Livingstone “feeling great” while out on the street campaigning for the London Mayoral election last Spring.:

This comment was removed as was the following one, needless to say.

I see the craven cowards at New Labour are not now inviting comments on their ‘news’ stories.

You can say what you like about Tom Harris MP, but he is prepared to do what most of his scaredy-cat colleagues will not – invite and publish negative comments.

It has been suggested that Tom lost his position as Trains’ Minister because of his blog. I say he is better off out of a government of congenital liars and moral cripples.

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The Year Ahead: May God help us all

I left a comment on Tom Harris MP’s blog which I thought I should reproduce here. Tom, about to turn 45, seems slightly concerned about approaching middle age but more importantly promises: “So in 2009 I will try to be a good husband, a good dad, a good friend and a good MP.”

OK, it’s a New Year resolution, which is a world away from a promise and coming from a politician obviously reduces the value of it even more (especially in the light of past New Labour performance), but it is a good sentiment and he may well turn out to be a better judge on its success or failure than anyone else.

Tom finished his piece by writing: “May God help us all,” to which I responded:

We must stop pretending we can go it alone. We truly cannot. History proves that when a society becomes reprobate, the only way is down.

The Almighty has given us the ability to do great things and we are increasingly doing not so great things. The liberal/’humanist’ agenda will relegate the UK to the league of corrupt banana republics.

People increasingly think there are no rules. They think it’s OK to rip people off, including the Government who take our taxes and throw money around like confetti. I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t to wage unnecessary wars and pay an underclass to remain permanently that way, estranged from the rest of society by being stuck in a mindset of failure and dependency.

There seem to be few rules on a swathe of ethical issues. Our society has practically resigned itself to accept anyone’s behaviour based on their body chemistry, whether of a sexual or criminal nature.

“Free” contraception and abortions are available for the former and the diagnosis of a “disorder” and medication are routinely offered for the latter.

I’m sure things will become very hard/even harder for a lot of people in 2009, but some will start to remember that playing the Almighty’s way is the only way.

…and I was 45 in the summer. Keeping young at heart is all the matters. I couldn’t give a monkey’s about my cholesterol level; I don’t care if my demise is attributed to a surfeit of cake – and I won’t be trying to sue Mr. Kipling.

Sadly, we live in a blame culture because of the systematic neglect of encouraging responsibility. It produces a weak, feeble-minded people – just what the ones at the top of the pyramid require. The rest of us, politicians included, just cannot continue to operate this way.

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Never ask a barmy Prime Minister… a simple question

Hat tip to Tacitus who left this comment on Tom Harris MP’s blog this morning:

“Tom, don’t know if you heard Brown being interviewed by Simon Mayo the other day, but the opening exchange was a pearl

SM: How are you?

GB: Er OK but er I’m er trying to work through at the moment how we can give real help to families and to businesses over this period when things are very difficult and er obviously the cut in interest rates today helps er what we’ve announced yesterday to help mortgage er holders er helps and I’m just determined that we do everything in our power to take people through these er difficult world times in a way that er shows that we can er actually give help to people.

I rest my case.”

You can listen to this exchange of ideas here: Never ask a barmy Prime Minister… a simple question


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Every MP to receive a copy of Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”

The Libertarian Party UK 1984 campaign is this week delivering a copy of George Orwell’s prophetic novel to every Member of Parliament. The books will be inscribed with the words, ‘This book was a warning, not a blueprint’ and will arrive at Parliament on or before November 5th – a date of well known historical significance for that building.

The UK Libertarian Party leader, Ian Parker-Joseph, explained, “As the people of Britain become ever more spied upon and ever more heavily taxed, as the government attempts to control how much we should smoke, eat and drink, as the state legislates to regulate ever more the minutiae of our lives, the Libertarian Party want to remind people that we have the power, and that our elected representatives work for us.”

The first MP to receive his copy was Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South and recently relieved of his ministerial position at the Department for Transport.

Mr Harris penned a blog entry entitled, “An Orwellian nightmare? Oh, wake up!” in which he accused those worried about the creeping power of the state in our everyday lives of being “strange” and “paranoid”.

Practically every one of the many commentators disagreed with Mr Harris and there were many eloquent replies, so his next blog entry was, “Poking that sleeping dog with a stick,” in which he states:

“Although I disagree with those who say we’re slipping towards a police state (just about everyone who commented on that post), I’m at least aware of the concerns that lead people to have such fears.”

This post attracted another deluge of comments and Mr Harris promised: “UPDATE at 7.40 pm: I’m in the process of drafting one final post on this subject, responding to more of the arguments made here today.”

I was getting excited. I reckoned that after 300 comments, almost all trying to convince the MP of our concerns, that he would concede that there were problems with civil liberties.

I hereby reproduce that entire promised post “responding to more of the arguments” that he had been “in the process of drafting.”

Wait for it:

“1984: my final word – I think we’re all going to have to agree to disagree on this one, don’t you think?”

Thank you, Mr Harris. Labour still listening, eh?

Some comments sounded threatening, which irked Mr Harris. Old Holborn chipped in with this:

“Again, I state, there are but 646 of you. Don’t you EVER forget it, because it wasn’t that long ago that we really did hang politicians. And Ceausescu moments will always happen.”

“And last but not least, people should not be afraid of their governments (and they are), governments should be afraid of their people (and you will be).”

“Just as you know where we live, we know where you live.”

To which Harris replied:

“How pompous can any individual actually get? So, are you threatening democratically-elected politicians with murder just because we don’t do what you and your small band of fanatics in the Libertarian Party want us to do?”

To be fair, hanging is a traditional reward for treason.

As for pomposity, to totally disregard the opinions of about 98% of the people who commented on his blog is really, really pompous.

There are millions of people who are no longer afraid, because when you have nothing more to lose, or are threatened with losing what little you have – the worm turns and politicians should start to worry as Old Holborn and others have warned, because Ceausescu moments will always happen.

Comments can be left on my blog.


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New Labour’s New Website – game for a laugh!

Tom Harris MP posted a blog to notify us about New labour’s lovely new website, so naturally I couldn’t wait to share in his delight.

It is better designed than its predecessor for sure. I think that’s probably where the compliments end. Let’s look at what the Party is telling us.

What is immediately apparent is that New labour is “winning the fight for Britain’s future.”

Britain’s future as a third world satellite of Brussels, that is.

I’m not sure if the wee girl is about to throw herself off a cliff at the thought of her future under Labour, after all, Labour’s present is bad enough.

Don’t do it love – Labour will be kicked out very soon. (Don’t tell her about Cameron or she’ll jump just the same.)

The “How you can help” banner down the right hand side is a hoot.

The first pretty little button enables you to donate money to the Party that has taken so much from you already.

The first amount on the drop-down menu is £15. That could buy an MP a tasteful polyester tie.

There is not an option to donate £950, so please make cheques for this amount payable to Wendy Alexander.

The second button down is “Join”. Sounds like an order, but I’ll resist the temptation.

The green button is “Volunteer”. I already have done – I’m volunteering my time and money to expose New Labour.

The dark blue button can tell me about “events near me”. Now that is useful. I no longer have to buy a paper, I can just click this button and find where the latest stabbings, muggings, bankruptcies, etc. are.

The light blue button invites us to “Fundraise”. If you have already clicked the top button to donate, you can now go round your friends and neighbours asking for their money too. Be prepared to remove your head from the toilet at some stage.

The grey button can tell you where Labour is in your area, but it doesn’t give details of where you can buy pitchforks.

The “Recruit” button is next and while you’re busy with that, don’t forget to “Tell your friends”. Don’t worry: I already do!

The final button is for us to leave our comments to explain “why I’m Labour.”

Sheila Stevens has commented, “You can say what you like about Labour I know they are the only Party who’ll look out for people like me – ordinary people who work hard.”

Sheila sweetheart, they didn’t even want you to have a 10p income tax rate. I could go on ad infinitum Sheila, but I think I’d be wasting my time.

The main body of the home page has several headlines.

At the time of writing, the top headline is “Manchester welcomes Labour” and a picture of Hazel Blears.

I think the headline must be wrong.

Next up (or down) is “Fair rules, fair chances and a fair say for all” says Gordon Brown.

You missed out “fair dinkum” Gordon?

Guess what, dear unelected Prime Minister: we don’t believe a word you say.

Other headlines:

“What more can Labour do to improve your local area?”

Erm, you’ve done enough for us now thanks. Please go.

“Building Schools for the Future”

Using private money that will have to be paid back in the future. Yet again making the rich richer and the poor poorer – it’s only fair – in Gordon’s mind.

The whole website is a two-fingered salute to the truth. In that much, it delivers as expected.


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